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CheatSheetExam is a website where students and professionals gather together to make a perfect site for the students to visit. Our team have a objective in mind: create a community to share experiences, work, and results that really work. In order to others students follow a guide to succeed in their colleges, schools and universities.

Our team will work hard for bring it the best of the best, and the most trendy in the world of students. We want to make not only better students as so as better persons to solve problems with an extend knowledge.

We do not impulse anyone to do something illegal. Our articles and news are to entertain someone reading us, so in any article you'll read warnings in attend to prevent you to do something illegal.


To know more about us, we write here a FAQ more common of our visitors.



We are a team dedicated to make easy the life of millions' students. We have many groups dedicated to especial sections, to make easy the experience of you, the reader.

Here you'll find us talking about many topics, since How To Cheat In An Online Exam to The Best Advices to Study. All the topics we wrote were probed before it publish, so you'll find experiences, advantages, consequences, new methods to apply all the things you'll think about.

Can i trust in the advices Of CheatSheetExam?

Our teamwork is compound with the best students in many areas besides of the most outstanding professional of the educational area. So, we know the difficulties that are involved and we find ways to get out of those. You can trust us to be your guide in this process.

The articles and topics that carry a high risk, we highlight the section where we said how could be risk for you to do some things.

In other order, you can trust with your eyes close in our advices to study. We proved all of those methods and develop some of them. But if you want to know all more deeply visit Cheating Dean

Why CheatSheetExam is considered the best website for the students?

The people that follow us, stick to us to know more about the news, methods, tricks and more. But, mainly for the results that they produce, a 100% of the Students that follow our guides succeed in their exams, upgrade their notes and become themselves a better students.

For us, keep you in touch with the last of this world is our objective, we want to make better persons and students, and reach many people as we can, not only students.

Can i Pass and Exam without Studying?

To many students reach us with that question and the answer always surprises them: YES YOU CAN. But, to pass all your exams whitout studying you have to choose a site: the legal and the not so legal one.

We're especialist giving you advices and tips to pass your exams with a minimun of effort. In one of our best articles we reveal a trick that the best students use to aprobe all the test in a legal way, you'll be shock.

Which are the best advices to study?

There are too many advices and methods to study and pass your exams, in CheatSheetExam we write about the best and new ones. The best advices is to study in your classroom while the teacher is doing the class, want to know how? Visit our articles and read the technique.

Depends of the need and the course you're taking you'll have an advice to pass without too many problems. The only thing you'll need is to browse in our site,


We're going to work to all of our readers, to make you the best students in the room. You can contact us to know more, to give us some advices or to write about a topic you find interesting to read, we're going to study everyday to make our site the best.

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