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In our research we found not only techniques but tools and gadgets too. Inside the articles you'll read about some tools to help you, we try to group the best ones with the best prices on the market. We'll always be trying to be the perfect site to the students, bringing unique tricks, methods and more! Thanks to Cheating Dean too, they help us to know everything about cheating!

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Our team always seek and do a research to write here an amazings articles to entertain and help students to pass, we want to give you steps and more to accomplish your goals during a test. For that reason, to keep you inside our world here is a list with our last articles. Also can visit here our main page with all the articles of our history:


Do you want to know how to cheat in exams? Just visit ➡️ ⬅️ You can also visit this page to know all about the incredible PEN ➡️ ⬅️ How to chea...

What is the Cheat Sheet?

The main topic of our website, a Cheat sheet or the famous 'crib' sheet is a piece of paper with quick and concise notes that help the people using it to pass an exam without studying. The Cheat Sheet is an illegal tool in all the educational institutes, by doing that you'll manipulate your real knowledge about something.

The use of a cheat sheet during an exam depends on the professor you have, some of them left the students to use a crib note to write equations or tips that could be helpful for them. But, to others professors using it is a way to cheat and indicate a lack of study by the students. 

A most common way to see a cheat sheet is in the form of a little page that could fit in someone's hand. The students used to print the cheat sheet in an extremely small font but visible only to them, it contents the necessary to pass an exam easily, the only thing you should know is where you write each topic you’ll need.

What is on a cheat sheet?

It depends on the course you’re and what do you want it to have. The content is very similar in some topics, for example in a math test you could copy formulas such as a Physics, Geometry or Chemistry test, meanwhile in a Language exam or Geography you would write about something specific to copy in the same way you did on the cheat sheet.

In general terms, we could say that a cheat sheet has important information to reach some objectives during an exam. These objectives could be many since remind only one thing till passing an exam without studying. The most important thing you need to know about using a cheat sheet is the legalities of it, because if you think legally and are not, you could have some troubles, but if you use it knowing that, you have to be smart so they could not catch you.

How To Do a Cheat Sheet?

Now that you know what is on a cheat sheet, surely you want to know the best way to create a perfect cheat sheet, so, we’re going to give you some advice and tips. A perfect cheat sheet depends on your need, could be more or less small by the text that you need to write on it.

Obviously you won’t repeat a process in various topics, but there are some things that are not negotiable, before giving you some advice we’re going to talk to you about these not negotiable things on the cheat sheet. The first thing you need to have in mind is that your cheat sheet only will have the things you need in the exam because you can’t waste your time reading during the exam.

The second thing your cheat sheet should have is a perfect font in a perfect size, to read it without complication and that anyone can see it besides you. One final thing you will need a perfect site to hide your cheat sheet and manipulate it when you need.

How to do a Cheat Sheet on a Math Test

Is not the same doing a cheat sheet with these you’ll copy on the exam as the same way you copy on your cheat sheet, in a math cheat sheet you should copy the equations and formulas that you need to use during an exam. But to use this cheat sheet you not only need to copy them on the paper, you need to know how to use it because if you don’t know how to use that formula you won’t do anything using a cheat sheet. An easy way to remember the use of a formula or equation is that you copy a little note next to the formula with a little explanation to use it.

So, when you have done that previous steps you need to know how to use and hide that cheat sheet, one common way to hide a cheat sheet is using your calculator, because the calculator is an allow tool to take a math or physics test, have in mind that it is your best friend during the exam. If your calculator is an advanced one you could save the cheat sheet as a document but if it’s not, hiding it on some site with it, is the best way to do it.

Finally, to know the advanced most common and effective ones are in our topic page, visit it and you’ll have a more detailed text about it. 

How To Cheat On Exam

Parallel to the cheat sheet is the situation of cheating, if you want to do a cheat sheet is because you need to cheat on an exam. But, there are more besides this famous tool. To cheat is an ‘art’ to some students, they develop too many ways to do cheating without getting caught, not every student knows the effective methods, is a secret well kept to those who apply this “ancient art”, so you could ask: How To Cheat On Exam?

To cheat on an exam you’ll need more than tools and gadgets, cheating is not as easy as it sounds, to do it and get results you have to apply steps and ability to succeed, one of these things is to develop techniques to hide and be fast moving those tools without getting caught. You also need the ability to write resumes on little pieces of paper. 

The Best Ways To Cheat on Exam

As we said before, the students use all kinds of stuff to achieve some goals during an exam, the skills some students have left the people surprised and other students try to get a minimum of those skills. Cheating Dean and us talk with those “experts of cheating” and they give us some easy and common ways to cheat:

  • Write On Your Table
  • Use a Cheat Sheet
  • Do the trick of the sticker on a water bottle.
  • Apply the 4 eyes method (explain in one of our articles)
  • Using a notes in parts of your body
  • The Kleenex notebook
  • SmartWatches
  • SmartPen
  • Use Sunglasses
  • Buy an invisible ink to write on your exam paper before the test starts.

More of those techniques are here in a page dedicated only to knowing how to cheat on an exam. Visit it for more!

How To Cheat on a Test Online

Cheating on a test online is not an easy task, not an impossible one but a very risky and complex one to accomplish. The security of the platforms the teachers and professor uses is too hard because those platforms were created to maintain unbreakable privacy. Now, those platforms are used to give and take classes, so their security has increased.

Following the previous words, we have to say that it’s really possible to cheat but to do it, you have to dedicate a bunch of time learning how to use software that “hacks” and help you achieve your goals. Here is a shortlist to try to cheat on a test online:

  • Download a software that helps you manipulate your cam
  • Try to use a common cheat trick
  • Impersonate without a cam
  • Change the hours of your computer to extend the death line of the delivery.
  • Use a hack platform software
  • Help you with an another PC or smart tool

It’s a really difficult task, we do not recommend to do it without any experience, and the previous list are things that you could apply without any problem at all. If you can know about the methods more deeply, visit our page talking about that.

Why do Students Cheat?

The billion dollar question, isn’t it? To know what the students cheat we have to do an extended psychological study… but to make it easy, we group what we know about it by talking with students and teachers, we created a general conclusion that allows us to make a statement talking about what the students cheat.

 Avoid cheating on a test is always hard on any teacher, at least one student tries to do it to pass his exam... why? The first thing that comes to mind is because the students are too lazy to study and lose their time doing other things like playing video games or sleeping and in some cases is true but in other cases are more things involved.

One of the things that constantly repeats is: they don’t have motivation to study, this point leaves you shocked, because it is too common in all the students, the reasons are many but one is trendy: the teacher. So many times the teachers don't do the class interest or they are too difficult and the students lose their interest because they think in the wrong way about something that could be great.

Another reason to cheat is because their fellows judge them for study. By the bad education of some students, the others felt bad about students and tried to be ‘cool’ avoiding studying. And the final and most repeat reason is: they think that studying is not important in this era.

Proctored Exam

The term “proctored” is very used nowadays, the students always ask:  Will be the exam proctored? And to be frank all the exams are proctored. But what does it mean proctored? Well, proctored means to observe very carefully an exam, seeing what every student is doing at the moment on the exam. The term proctored became famous because the test that was taken online, the proctored online is most hard and heavy that in a classroom, you can’t do anything besides being in the tab where the exam is or your teacher could know you’re doing something else. So, for that reason the students are too worried about if the exams could be proctored or not.

Cheating on a Test

Finally, cheating on a test is an illegal thing to do, if you’re considering to do it you need to have in mind the consequences it would carry and that you have to show an incredible skills to accomplish your goals during the cheating, follow our steps and act normal to anyone notice it and the most important of all, you have to shut your mouth and don’t tell anybody that you cheat or that you’ll cheat, there is the key of the success of cheating.

The word cheating is general, you can manipule it in your favor, having a knowledge about the rules and the behavior of your teacher during an exam, cheating is not for everybody, it's for smart people and the ones with an amazing skills hiding and with quick reactions. If you want to try it, prepare yourself to be the best.

We do not support cheating or any way of illegal activity inside an educational precinct, all the topics we talked about here is to entertain and surprise the world with the creativity of many students that prefers to apply time in cheating besides study.

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