TEACHER QUALIFIES HIS STUDENTS WITH MEMES. An outstanding teacher will constantly know how to make a class more dynamic and entertaining. And well, some that even put a 'spark' on bad news like a low grade.

This is precisely the situation of teacher Antuan , who has become viral on TikTok because he usually qualifies studies with Pokémon memes and stickers.

In this way, he demonstrated it himself with certain video clips where we have the possibility of seeing what images he uses, depending on the grade that each student gets. Well, we understand that perhaps getting a 6 in an exam outright failing it is not news that many like... but at least receiving it with this detail should reduce the bad vibes, don't you think?

In the age of the internet, many things have changed... even the most daily. In this way, we now refer to the way in which certain teachers set up their dynamics to offer classes. Surely there, many have in mind that humor is a good way to encourage education, whatever the degree.

As we have said, this is how the good Antuan does it, a math teacher who from hisTikTok account shows us the peculiar way in which he classifies his students' analyses: with all kinds of memes. In a first video clip that was uploaded a few days ago, we have the possibility of seeing that the most applied students were given several images that mentioned "what pro" or even a Pikachu raising the thumb for a good job.

There are more interesting stories of the TEACHER QUALIFIES HIS STUDENTS WITH MEMES

And well, those who didn't have many successes in the exam, got some funny memes (and a little cruel hehe). Over there, we see the "but the laughter was not lacking" from Monsters Inc or a Dewey from Malcolm the one in the middle mentioning "I don't expect anything from you and still like this you manage to disappoint me.” Yes, the latter is half stained, but Professor Antuan will know what's up with his student.

In his TikTok account, in addition to the fact that the TEACHER QUALIFIES HIS STUDENTS WITH MEMES, it can be seen that the teacher is a fan of Pokémon. Since he also has certain video clips with references of the successful Japanese saga. His way of qualifying with memes has become quite viral that even between the 2 video clips of him, they already add up to well over 12 million views.

Yes, we understand and we reiterate: failing an exam is not the best news in the whole world. But perhaps a little humor with memes lightens everything and in one of those. It even causes the student to give you more success. What do you think so curious to qualify? Here we leave the video clips so you can see what's up.


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