STUDENT BECOMES A MILLIONAIRE by accident. An Indonesian boy took the same photo for 5 years in search of making a good video for his graduation and ended up selling those photos as NFTs. Ghozali EVERYDAY


For 5 years in a row, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, 22 years old lived in Indonesia. He has been photographed in his spare time, constantly sitting in front of his PC. However, he never thought that this would make him a millionaire since he managed to sell said selfies as part of an NFT collection. Which will be owned by only those who have been able to pay for these snapshots. His story did not take long to become a trend in different social networks.

According to what was communicated by France24, the adolescent who studies at the University of the Central Town of Semarangconfessed that his initial initiative was to take a thousand photos in order to produce a video clip for the day of his graduation, which he titled as “Timelapse”.

However, it quickly located itself with blockchain technology, so it made the decision to venture into the NFT trade, for which it chose to raise its images to the OpenSea platform whose album is called “Ghozali Everyday”.

Unpredictable success

Speaking to journalists from his university, he said: “I thought it might be fun for one of the collectors to collect my face (…) I never thought that someone would want to sell the selfies, for that reason I only put a price on the 3 dollars”.

However, once the demand increased dramatically, they were trading at 0.247 cryptocurrency, which at the exchange rate is 806 dollars. The photos of him increased once an identified chef was achieved with one of these, to later promote the Indonesian boy on his social networks.

This promotion caused well over 400 people to take ownership of his photos taken over 5 years, for which, until last Friday, the album was listed at a preeminent cost a million dollars.

STUDENT BECOMES A MILLIONAIRE and doesn't understand why the population buys the photos of him

“To be frank, I still haven't dared to tell my mom and dad, they'd wonder where I got the money from,” he confessed.

Por cierto, en Twitter da constantes actualizaciones de cómo van sus estadísticas en OpenSea: “Hoy he vendido bastante más de 230 (fotos) y hasta ahora no entiendo por qué desean mercar fotos mías, empero les doy las gracias pues 5 años de esfuerzo han dado sus frutos”, manifestó en una de sus más actuales publicaciones. ESTUDIANTE se VUELVE MILLONARIO.

Al final, Ghozali ha revelado que con el dinero recaudado tiene planeado invertir en un análisis de animación, empero afirmó que seguirá tomándose selfies hasta terminar la universidad.


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