Chemistry Lab on TikTok: The new way to LEARN­čśť.

Chemistry Lab on TikTok. A teacher's initiative has gone viral and students are making amazing exhibits on TikTok.

Chemistry Lab on TikTok

The course has been planned in such a way that the teacher explains the key concepts and reinforces the student's learning throughout the synchronous sessions. Throughout the asynchronous sessions, the student works on the development of competencies. Through weekly inquiries and occupations that allow them to relate the topics observed in class with real applications. For this purpose, TikTok is implemented.

Chemistry classes in a classroom format are complemented by laboratory practicals. For which students show a written report with their visualizations, results, and conclusions. Given the pandemic disease, this was not feasible, therefore, we decided to take the experiments indoors. We designed 2 fun occupations in which the students had to demonstrate a chemical phenomenon.

Instead of conducting a written report, they were asked to make a video clip using the TikTok tool. To expose a specification of the phenomena monitored in the experiments. And their conclusions by means of a video clip with a duration of one minute. refer=embed&is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6953653110020900357

The Purpose of Chemistry Lab on TikTok

The primary purpose of the plan has been to motivate students to learn about inorganic chemistry with occupations that are innovative and to boost self-management skills in them. As well as the utilization of technology in the Chemistry class. The laboratory occupations designed are as follows:

Intermolecular Forces. It is an experiment on surface tension, which is a force that can prevent water from spilling out of an open jar once it is turned upside down. It's like a magic trick that a magician would integrate into his repertoire.

Hot baking soda ice. This experiment is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to make sodium acetate, known as hot ice Hot ice is a rather unique attitude, because, even though it looks like ice or snow it is not. Actually, we are talking about a supersaturated suspension that crystallizes at room temperature.


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