TEACHER seeks for REVENGE in TIKTOK. Due to a prank by her students, a teacher also wanted to play a joke through TikTok on her students. The video clip platform TikTok became a space full of content of all kinds and some of it went viral immediately.


That has been the situation of a story that was captured on the app, once some school students thought they had played a good joke on their instructor, shared the facts on TikTok and their video clip reached the hands of the teacher in question.

The footage features a group photo of the whole class, "the teacher thinking she finally has a beautiful photo of the whole group," she says at the start; then the photo is zoomed in and most of the students perform 'pistolita' with their hands.

The teacher upon discovering the video clip made the decision to answer and teach her students a lesson in the process. So, in the answering video clip, she added a tantalizing explanation.

"If this video clip reaches 500 hearts I fail them," he redacted. What his students didn't expect was that the video clip tallied well over 100,000 'likes' on the platform. TEACHER seeks for REVENGE in TIKTOK.

In another video clip where he explains that the photo was taken after excellent class work and that he had bragged to his students on WhatsApp and they made fun of him, he got well over 200 thousand hearts .


#cod #crzgf #pyfツ #reprobados #maestratiktoker #atrapados Si vieran como lo disfruto ☺️☺️☺️ MUAJAJAJA😈😈😈@onee1414 🤡🖐🏻

♬ sonido original - 🎮Rc乂Nissa.cod🎮 - 👣Nissa.cod

In the same way, he shows how he reminds his funny students that sadly they are not going to pass the year. "Teacher we did it as a joke, but please no," replies one of the students.


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