This is how CLASSES IN THE METAVERSE would look like

CLASSES IN THE METAVERSE, the viral TikTok that may soon become a reality. After the announcement that Meta will create a virtual reality world, it didn't take long for various reactions and possible scenarios with this creation.


Since the author of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, took the decision to change the name of his parent organization to Meta, the metaverse has become one of the trending topics in each of the social networks. However, have you ever wondered what that future looks like that the American programmer is talking about? Since an impressive viral video clip from TikTok shows it.

Client @diemzey_ released several images in which his experience in the metaverse can be seen. "An increasingly connected world!" the Mexican computer engineer wrote on his account. In the clip, you can see how the client moves and in parallel his animated avatar also reacts.

In addition, he shares the room with another avatar who is one of his friends named Dani. It can be assessed that the two remain in the two share a virtual environment and with their computers in front of them, through which they remain taking classes. THE CLASSES IN THE METAVERSO. sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6953653110020900357&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0

The impressive viral video clip soon spread on various social networks to total around 2 million views. @diemzey_ also showed how to do other things with the Oculus virtual reality viewers, such as watching video clips or interacting in various applications.

Classes in the Metaverse What is Facebook Meta?

Throughout his presentation in late October, Mark Zuckerberg noted that the future of the human race is to be in the "metaverse," in which individuals would move with their personalized avatars. Likewise, each person will be able to navigate in Meta using the applications they constantly use, such as the WhatsApp situation.

This will also group platforms that were part of the Facebook giant, such as Oculus, Messenger, Instagram, among other brands managed by Mark Zuckerberg. And which one do you use? These will also vary in name and will be presented on your screen as "Oculus from Meta", "Facebook Messenger from Meta" and "Instagram from Meta". This change you will only have the possibility to see from your cell phone when you open any application now corresponding to Meta.


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