He corrected exams before his death 😭 (+HISTORY)

He corrected exams before his death. A story of a teacher before his death has gone viral after his daughter told the story.

He corrected exams before his death

The story of Alejandro Navarro, an instructor at San Felipe del Flux Public School in Texas(United States) who did not give up on fixing his students' studies, has gone viral. And is that the teacher was evaluating the work of his students as he was admitted to the hospital, a day before his death.

His daughter, Sandra A.Venegas, has shared a publication on the social network Facebook, accompanied by an image in which her father can be seen doing some work with the laptop, in which she praises his passion for education and where the teenager dedicates a meditation on the work that teachers do and the dedication and vocation they have.

The story has quickly spread like wildfire and in a matter of 6 days went around the world. The publication accumulated well over 189,000 'I love it' and 12,000 comments with expressions of affection and compassion for the teenager.

A story of dedication. He corrected exams before he passed away

The user explains that her dad, once he found out that she was going to enter the hospital, made the decision to take her laptop to arrange the studies he had pending for his students. Proof of this is the image he shares, in which Alejandro can be seen lying in bed with the laptop propped up on his limbs. He corrected exams before his death.

Venegas has used the situation to make a meditation on the work teachers do not only in the classrooms, but also outside of them. "Many of the teachers work overtime outside of regulation. Even during a pandemic illness, even during a health crisis, teachers are concerned about performing their duties". The daughter says she would have liked to spend more time with her father and for him not to be working.


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