Mrs. Potato-Face Filter Teacher Goes VIRAL (+PHOTOS)

Mrs. Potato-Face Filter Teacher has become a trend in all social networks. After her daughter left a filter on her camera and couldn't change it to teach her classes.

Mrs. Potato-Face Filter Teacher

One of the possibilities that teachers have resorted to in order to continue teaching boys, girls and teenagers were online classes. However one instructor produced quite a stir on social media. Since the teacher with "the potato-faced lady" filter went viral.

Thanks to the pandemic coronavirus disease, online teaching was a challenge for teachers. Because there have been some communication issues with students, even though there have also been some funny moments that teachers have had to deal with.

The teacher went viral after she entered the Zoom and didn't realize there was a filter in place that she hasn't been able to remove once she was teaching online. Which produced different attitudes from netizens.

And the fact is, the instructor's daughter had been playing with Zoom, since she was the one who left the "potato-faced lady" filter. This is how it was revealed by users who took the screenshot once the teacher was giving classes. Mrs. Potato-Face Filter Teacher.

Internet users did not hesitate to comment on the publication and said that "the potato-faced lady" is quite changed. They also assured that her class has been quite fun, while others say they would walk into class every day at 6.

Other users noticed that that filter of the "potato-faced lady" filtered teacher possessed a bag. Which caused users to chuckle, as various filters on cell phones have caused a furor on social media.


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