Professor turns himself into a Potato at Online Class 🥔😂(+VIDEO)

A master Professor turns himself into a Potato during a Zoom meeting with his studetns. Accounting classes have never been so much fun!

Professor turns himself into a Potato
A funny way to teach!

Professor Ryan Ball, 47, has taught at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business for over 9 years. This summer, he was teaching a master's class and decided to spice it up - he used the potato filter while teaching at Zoom, and his students loved it.

A student in the class, Amelia Charamand-Quelas, 20, was so excited that she shared a TikTok video on Tuesday that went viral.

What started out as an April 1st joke in an undergraduate class last year, it immediately became an elementary component of Ball's classes.


Professor Tato, Po… btw he proceeded to teach the material this filter#umich #college #universityofmichigan #rossschoolofbusiness

♬ original sound - Amoneyyy

“I did this with my graduating class on April 1, 2020, right after we transitioned to Zoom for the first time,” Ball commented. "I'll do my best to keep their attention. In, like, 25 minutes, I learned how to use instant filtering on a desktop PC and had to start class 10 minutes late. For me, the best part is that I managed it consistently."

Ball commented that the students loved it, but they weren't the only ones to laugh out loud.

"I swear, I've never laughed so much in my life," he shared.

Ball mentioned that the background music featured in his most recent talk added a lot of "boost" to his potato reveal for his graduate accounting class.

“If you look at the gallery, there are about 20 students and everyone is still dancing,” he added. "And in other words, like 8:00 pm, after I've talked for 8 and a half hours straight."

Amazing Results of the Virtual Classes

Once Charamand-Quelas started using Zoom in her "Accounting 557: Financial Management Assessment" class, she wasn't expecting anything insane. He saw his instructor dressed as a potato and knew he needed to be filmed.

“I was like, 'This could be an amazing TikTok,' but I wasn't thinking, like, for the planet,” he mentioned. “Thinking about my family. I have a family in Argentina and the way we mainly love being in communication, thanks to the time difference, it's just TikTok and WhatsApp.”

She commented that once she went to bed 2 hours after releasing the music video, she was fascinated by me. However, when he woke up, it was a viral video clip with over 100,000 people loving it. Famous music video now has 3.7 million fascinated me and 15.5 million views on TikTok.

Professor turns himself into a Potato do crazy things every class

The second part of the video, the review session that Ball conducted while still a potato, worked even better than the original. That video has reached 4.6 million likes and over 19.7 million views. In it, Ball jokes, saying, "Let me see how my family is doing," and puts a photograph of a baked potato in the background. Ball, still with the potato filter, yells, “Mom, no. My child!"


Reply to @chillyhang Po got back to me with the zoom recording of the full review session 😚🥔 @ryantball #accountant @#umich #potato #college

♬ original sound - Amoneyyy

Then he says, “Okay, let's get serious,” and changes his precedent to his office, where he is still a potato, but sits in a chair at the table.

The following TikTok comments (over 39,000) echo the fervor of the original.

Some fans have mentioned that the instructor reminds them of Michael Scott. Even the official message from The Office mentioned: "This really is Michael Scott's energy."

Someone commented, "TELL HIM WE Laughed at HIS JOKE right now," while another repeated his joke by writing, "Let's get serious (still potatoes)."

Ball noted that his fellow faculty members and professors at the university are also generally positive. Some colleagues even changed their name tags outside their office to read Po Tato instead of Ryan Ball.

Ball argues that his approach to education should be "as identifiable as possible, without sacrificing content."

Zoom has been challenging for both teachers and students, and Ball admits it.

“During a pandemic, the entire planet is trying to find some form of positivity,” he said. “There is no formula (for learning). To get an education, you need to meet (with students) on a common playing field. "

Charamand-Kelas mentioned that with TikToks, the class appears to be much simpler than it actually is. While Ball is "unmatched in energy," he also largely retains his students.


“Several students in the class, as soon as I posted the video, they commented, 'Don't get confused, the test was not possible.' Well, many people have commented, "This tutorial looks so fun, it looks so simple." Of course, we just had the craziest test, ”he said.

Although it may be difficult, Ball commented that he really admires his students.

"The best history class because they come from such different backgrounds. I loved living indirectly through them. I teach them some accounting, but man, I learn a lot about things. We have people just starting out. business. It's amazing," he said.

Ball has taught graduate students for 12 years, but 2020 was the first time he taught undergraduates.

“As soon as we went virtual, I realized that, in other words, it was quite difficult for those students. Seeing the population not being able to visit the graduation and seeing them leave the dorms 2 days in advance, I thought: 'Just cancel class. That is, you must move. I mean, focus on that,'" he mentioned. "Like you two, I think this will give me enough time to find Squidge. It was something so unknown. I think since you're teaching, you have to admit new opportunities or new challenges and this has definitely been one of them."

This isn't the first time he's used fun strategies to keep students engaged. He mentioned that "it shows taxes through alpacas". And there's a video clip to prove it. What a crazy Professor turns himself into a Potato!


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