Soccer player presented an exam during a game ▶ THE WHOLE STORY

A soccer player presented an exam during a game and left an incredible image. This girl's story has gone viral as a milestone of self-improvement and desire to achieve her dreams.

Soccer player presented an exam during a game

Combining analysis, work, and sport -and doing all that with good results- belongs to the enormous challenges that female soccer players in Argentina have to face. Proof of that is the image that went viral this past Saturday of a Quilmes soccer player who had to take a college exam during the course of a game.

She is Daniela Palma, 27, a midfielder for a club called "Cervecero" in Argentina. Born in Berazategui, she was a starter and played the first 40 minutes of the traditional match against Argentino de Quilmes. But she had to leave at halftime and grab her PC to take a virtual exam, while her teammates played the second half. At that moment she was caught by the cameras of the partisan media Sports on FM and the image quickly gained notoriety on social networks.

"I ended up tired. It was 40 min, I got hit a little bit and I was half sore, however, I gave up as my teammates were playing. It was complicated," said Infobae the player who is studying Kinesiology and Physiatry at the Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche.

On Monday, Daniela had found out that the final test of Computer Science - the one that would allow her to promote the subject. Was going to coincide with the time of the friendly match against Mate. Even though she insisted to her instructor and even to the director of the department to find out if they could bring forward the time of the evaluation. She did not get the answer she wanted.

The story of Soccer player presented an exam during a game

That's how Daniela came out of the starting lineup. Even though she gave her all for the win, her head could not escape the test ahead: "During the last 10 minutes of the first half, I was thinking that it was time, that maybe the game was late. I hadn't checked what time it had started and I couldn't keep track of how late it was. I was nervous because if I logged on late I wouldn't be able to perform, I had to be on time."

Now off the court, the player pulled a computer out of her backpack. She started her business and didn't even stay to wait for the result of the evaluation. The match was over, Quilmes had already won 3-0 and she was only thinking about visiting to celebrate the victory. Soccer players presented a test during a game.

"As soon as I finished taking the exam, I just wanted to go to the locker room with my teammates to celebrate the victory. I turned off the computer and left. Didn't stay to wait for the grade, I mentioned to them that I had already handed everything in, cut the computer, and left. I think it went well...", she said, confident.

a Soccer player presented an exam during a game

Once she got into college, she heard there was a women's 11-a-side soccer team. She headed over to try out and was in. By then, her days as a field hockey player were behind her. And once the Universidad Jauretche merged with the club Custodia y Justicia, she also went on to protect the colors of the Halcón de Varela. In 2020 Quilmes opened its women's soccer team and Daniela moved her wits to the Brewer's Group.

What she want

The midfielder, who also works as a babysitter every day from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., is known for her clear passes and for cutting down her opponents' play without fouling. Among his references in the position are Javier Mascherano, Carles Puyol-whom he defines as "a born boss"-and Xavi Hernandez.

The soccer player is aware of the cost of escorting the sporting career with an analysis that makes it possible to broaden the knowledge and also the horizons. "Analysis is important, it is information, it is understanding and it opens other doors. If I had studied as soon as I finished high school, I would have graduated and I would be working as a kinesiologist at the club. Mi sueño en el futuro es ponerme un centro kinesiológico. Soy fanática de los deportes, no solo del fútbol, y me veo rehabilitando cualquier tipo de lesión”.


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