A Student Cooks Disney Meals ON TIKTOK 👩‍🍳 (+ VIDEOS 📲)

A young chef has made the dream meal of many a reality. Student Cooks Disney Meals. plus she has shared the recipe via her tiktok account.

A Student Cooks Disney Dishes
Student shows that if you put your mind to it, you can make any dream come true

Remember the mythical Disney movies? Those that when you think of them again transport us to a fantastic universe where you discover millions of new things, animals that can talk, incredible characters... and food!!!. Well, with these videos of this cooking student you will see the real aspect of many dishes that we could only imagine inside Disney movies.

The young student chef Gabrielle Williams has made her imagination fly, not only that, but she has made real the dream food that Disney has always made us imagine. The young woman has recreated mythical Disney dishes and uploaded them to her TikTok account, where she also shares the recipe. Thanks to this, Gabrielle has gained thousands of followers and millions of 'likes' not only imagined it,but has turned this food that belongs to the illusory world into real dishes.

What a memories it brings back to imagine the mythical dish of "Ratatouille", a typical French dish, which many thoughts had pepperoni, but in the end it was vegetables. Still, what Gabrielle has managed to recreate is great.


Day 7 of foods inspired by Disney movies: Ratatouille/Confit Byaldi! 🐀🇫🇷 #fyp #disney #ratatouille #foryoupage #disneyfood #recipe #viral #cooking

♬ Le Festin - Annapantsu

Who hasn't imagined a date like "The Lady and the Tramp"? Now you can achieve it with the amazing recipe shared by Williams, they look incredible!!!

Now, if desserts are your thing, you can also make the amazing mint chocolate chip ice cream that they talk so much about in 'Lilo & Stitch'.


Day 35 of foods inspired by Disney movies: Mint chocolate chip ice cream! #fyp #disney #liloandstitch #foryoupage #disneyfood #foodie #viral #icecream

♬ son original - onakuhereitiellis

Gabrielle Also Cooks Other Movies Meals

The incredible thing about this young student is that she not only dares to recreate recipes from Disney but also meals from other sagas such as 'Harry Potter'. Here we can see her making the famous butterbeer that appears in the films of the most famous wizard of cinema.


Reposting since this app doesn’t want me to be great. Day 1 of Harry Potter foods: butterbeer! 🍺 #fyp #foryoupage #harrypotter #butterbeer #hogwarts

♬ Hedwigs Theme-Harry Potter - The Berlin Festival Orchestra

With so much impact, now Gabrielle, the student who cooks Disney meals, has followers who challenge her to make more and more recipes. In addition to sharing them on her TikTok. Williams' talent is impressive and surely, she has left millions of people with an incredible desire to try those dishes.


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