Woman pretended to be a student to gain followers on Instagram 😲

Mujer fingió ser estudiante para ganar seguidores
All for the "follows" This Woman doesn't know limits...

Would you do whatever it takes to gain followers on your social networks regardless of the limits? In the world of social networks, people struggle daily to gain followers. Many decide to create original and varied content to achieve their goal. Just as there are such people there are also those who decide to perform risky feats regardless of the limits.

For this story we have Audrey Nicole Francisquini, who is 28 years old and a U.S. citizen, this person can perform any action to gain followers no matter how risky it may be. The woman pretended to be a student to gain followers on Instagram. Why did she do it? According to sources, it's mentioned that the woman was tired of not having enough followers on Instagram, which is why she decided to commit such acts.

It all happened last week at the American Senior High School of Hialeah in Miami. In this place, Audrey Nicole Francisquini pretended to be a teenager to later sneak into one of the high school classrooms. The purpose of this woman who pretended to be a student to gain followers on Instagram was to hand out flyers to all the students so that they would follow her social network.

In Audrey Nicole Francisquini's mind everything seemed to be going perfect, unfortunately for her, in the facilities, they noticed what she was doing. According to NBC New's sources, all the teachers immediately realized that she was not a teenager so they called the police to solve the problem.

The words of the police force were, "When we arrived on the scene the teachers spotted the woman who was handing out flyers to all the students at the high school. After realizing that she had been caught she tried to run away, but we were able to detain her to ask her for her details. The woman mentioned that she was a student who was going to the secretary's office to request information. As we were on our way to the patrol car the woman was able to escape. Before we left we picked up some brochures, thanks to this we were able to identify the woman. Her name is Audrey Nicole Francisquini, we conclude that the woman pretended to be a student to gain followers on Instagram." The police managed to arrest her last Monday.

The American Senior High School department explained what happened: "It all happened because a woman tried to pass herself off as a teenager to hand out flyers to students. We were able to identify her and called the police. The woman was arrested for the acts she committed."

Mujer finge ser estudiante por seguidores

Audrey Nicole Francisquini is currently at liberty and has given her explanations through the networks. Her words were as follows: "My intentions were nothing more than to know the security system of the establishment."

Source: La Vanguardia

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