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Cheating On an Online Exam, the newborn way of cheating. Education has changed, all of this about studying has changes. This new normality brings with it an extended list of things that are being developed at home, one of those, is the exams or tests. With the social distancing the schools, high schools, colleges, and universities can’t do a presencial test. So they’re using platforms like Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, and more to do class and exams, an amazing way to continue the routine.

Now, thinking more deeply, there are things that change in the same way as the class and exams. One of these (and the topic we are going to talk about here) is “cheating”.  Note: We do not encourage cheating and any kind of illegal activity in an educational precinct. We’ll examine the options and gadgets that students are using, to make you laugh and surprise you.

Finally, to those that think cheating on an online exam is not possible… Let us tell you something is really possible! Based on experiences shared online and interviews with students and teachers we collected the best to show you a unique article. If you want to know a method that will help you very fastly without too much text visit Cheating Dean. There you'll find the key to cheating, underlining the Cheating On An Online Exam!


Students Browse About Exams

Imagine that a professor is doing everything to protect their exam and use the internet to help you to keep working on your learning, and in the process, they find a page where they will learn all about it, well, this is the reason why students have to browse about the type of exam they'll take.

A proctored exam is not an easy tool to apply, even when you need to proctor only a student. So, that reason makes every student search about it too. They want to pass, and learning things besides the topics of the exam concludes with an intensive studying of the ways of cheating.

As a professor, you'll need to apply those things you read about on the internet and add some creatives ways to improve them because a student could find the same as you and will know how to beat that defense.

Prevent Cheating on Exam

Academic institutions are now worried about a new problem: Cheating during online exams. Yes, with the pandemic situation, the tests are being applied in a virtual way, points that help everyone in a way but in the same size, increase the cheat.

The institutions like colleges, schools, and universities develop proctored software to reinforce their security and assure the learning of the student. But, is a very very complicated way to prevent cheating, why? is simple: not every professor knows how to use the proctored software. Proctoring is not the only solution, you always can find more ways to protect in a remote exam.

But to be clear, this is not the only way to prevent cheating and protect their policy about exams. Every Teacher seeks help every day and finds things that help them to maintain their policy security on an exam, so, as a student, you need to be prepared for every step your professor could take during an exam.

Can i cheat on an online exam?

Is possible to cheat on an online exam?
Is really possible?

Clickbait? No, it’s not, the cheating in an online exam is real!!, you can cheat with and without cam, doing a test on any platform, how? Well, there are too many students that are expending time developing ways of cheating instead of expending time studying, something that is incredible isn’t it? But, in the virtual world, nothing is impossible, and now thanks to remote education new ways are being born...

In this first section, we'll explain how it is possible to do cheating on an online exam. But if you want to know more in the following section you are going to find a list with some steps and how to do it.

School Online Exam Cheating Tricks:

  • Organize your space before the exam. First of all, to Cheat Online you have to be careful, you need to know your environment well, yes your environment, why? Because if you’re doing an exam with cam, you have to react fast to pick a gadget or other thing you have to help you without raising suspicions of the teacher.
  • Know The Platform. When knowing the platform you will “hack” it and will have knowledge that will help you to manage it in the way you need. This is something that will let you do something more in the future besides cheating in an exam.
  • Know The Rules Your Teacher did. This step allows you to handle them in a way you “don’t break” the rules. Making your teacher think you’re doing everything ok, with this step 100% fulfilled you can do whatever you want without the risk.
  • Act “Normal”. If the online exam includes a cam, you have to act like you’re in the classroom trying to cheat online. Do not raise suspicions of anyone.

Those steps are “important” points that some students said to us, to them, accomplish at least one of them is complete an impossible task. Education now is in your hands, the remote education now is an incredible reality. Based on that “thesis” we can say that cheat is not for everyone, do it is a mix of talent and practice. Cheating Online is also more difficult than the normal type, so, think about it before doing it.

We do not recommend doing it, but it’s interesting to reading it and know the capacity of some student to get done a job so difficult instead of just studying…

How To Cheat On An Online Exam

How To Cheat In An Online Exam
The best STEPS!

As we read above, many education institutes as universities, faculties, colleges, and schools are now embracing online courses and students are taking this opportunity to cheat during this online experience. Why does this occur? Because most of the students take those tests while in their remote locations and think it’s not necessary to study. Even though many educational institutes are applying special methods to combat cheating on online tests. Students have come up with an incredibly ingenious way to keep cheating in spite of this.

Moreover, having the topic above, we will mention here some of the best tactics students use to cheat on exam and surprised us:

Creatives Steps To Cheat On An Online Exam:

Steps To Do Cheating In An Online Exam
Best Steps To Do and Obtain an A!

Best Steps To Cheat on An Online Exam

  1. Using another electronical tool.

    Besides the one you are using in the remote exam, you can help you seeking for the answer at another gadget, as Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and another Monitor. At home, any gadgets can be used.

  2. Screen Sharing Sending Photos Or Screenshots

    It takes a minute or 2 doing it. With a good combination of moves you can share your exam with an expert to solve it without problem. No one will find you are breaking the exams policy.

  3. Impersonating your exam.

    Using another person to do your exam is the most common way of cheating online. You can use many excuses to don't use the camera and as you're taking the exam in a remote way you can call a friend, an expert that could solve your test.

  4. Hacking The Answers

    In a multiple-choice exam, the answers are set up from the beginning. By hacking the answer we referred to coding the correct answer, this will require software to highlight the multiple-choice answers and ruin with the possible answers to show you which is the correct. After detecting the correct answer, you should go to the main page and select them as the software does.

  5. Search the answers online

    The most common step for anyone. Open a tab beside the one you have the exam on, and go fast to google to search for the answer to your question or search for it in the notes the teacher send to you to study. This step could be done if the exam is not proctored because if that is the case, they will detect you fastly

Gadgets to cheat in an exam

Best Gadgets On An Online Exam

Now, we have discussed before the most common methods students used to cheat during online tests. But some of them detect that the teachers or the platforms have technologies to combat several forms of online cheating and they evolve the way they cheat to pass these proctored exams without a problem.

Although, these techniques are not 100% effective, because we’re talking about it here thanks to the proctoring technologies or the intelligence and agility of the teachers that catch them doing it. But, there are some funny ones that really work and we’re going to talk about here, all of that thanks to the remote learning.

The Most Common Gadgets to Help you Cheat:

  1. Using a Virtual Machine. By using a virtual machine you open “another pc” in your computer and there is no platform that detects it. You can use it to open a navigator tab to search the answers, to call a friend, to take a screenshot, or to check the teacher's notes without anyone noting it. You can do anything you want on that virtual machine and let me tell you for sure. NO ONE can know you will have that open on your PC.
  1. Use a Software to Intercept Your Video Camera. If the platform has some tool that allows your teacher to manipulate it, or the teacher is seeing you. You can download an app that will help you to “freeze” your camera or show the teacher or the platform a video of you cheating anyone. There is software like ManyCam that intercepts the video feed and provides pre-recorded feed. To cheat with a camera is like being in the classroom, you do something that the teacher thinks it’s suspicious and you will fail your exam.
Best Gadgets To Cheat Online
Tools To Cheat
  1. Use An External Tool. If the exam is proctored, is proctored IN YOUR PC, so you can use another gadget to help you. Like a smartphone, smartpen, smartwatch, or have notes near to you to read it. Having in mind you can do whatever you want with another tool, will help you a lot in a proctored exam because your PC will be proctored and will know everything you do.
  1. Change The Hours of Your PC. On some platforms, there is a deadline to upload your answers and see the corrections. You can “hack” that platform by changing your time on your PC to know the answers or extend the time you need to upload the test.

Advices To Cheating on an Online Exam

In conclusion, there are too many methods to do cheating on an exam online. Here, you could find the best advices for cheating on an online exam. We do not support anyone to do cheating, In this article, we talk about what teachers and some students tell us. We think that the ingenious of someones are incredible and we considered funny facts that they expend a lot of time thinking about how to cheat instead of studying.

In another way of words, learning and proctored is something new and that every student and professor has in mind, we'll maintain us and you up to date about that. But, If you have some interesting things to share with us, tell us and we will think of writing it here. The students are incredible and cheating is also part of the process of studying. In this new normality there are new methods to cheat, to study, to annoy and more, the one thing we can do is adapt to them and try to combat what is wrong to develop a good person in the future.  

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