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2021 methods to detect online cheating on an exam

How to Detect Cheating On An Online Test. 2020 brings with it so many things, one of these things is new methods to take courses online. Platforms like Zoom become famous and very useful, especially to colleges, universities, and schools, tests are now taken in a different way.

The purpose of exams is to evaluate the student’s capability and ability fairly with content that was explained to them. If the test’s fairness is compromised, the results wouldn't be accurate reflecting their actual ability. Besides the wrong evaluation of students’ learning, cheating alsos shows other concerns that you need to be aware of as an educational institution.


Remote Exams

The learning has now changed. With the remote modality, many institutions are now applying many methods to give the best of the best to the students. But, those changes also make students bring new technology to pass without so much effort. The reason for that is because thanks to taking a remote exam, cheat is now easier... well that is what they think.

Remote class, born like a perfect solution to make the students' life easier during the pandemic situation. But, this modality has now increasing to be a common situation. Then, the professors and institutions are seeking ways to improve their security and privacy on tests.

So, to avoid cheat, educational institutions apply software to proctoring the exams, also being careful with the privacy of their students. We're going to talk here about how to reinforce Proctoring and how the students pass the proctoring to cheat during a test.

Cheating During Online Tests

Now, some of the students may be tempted to cheat during online tests, thinking that anyone can catch them because they are far away from their home. This has become a real challenge that threatens the integrity of online studies and testing. Therefore, students as teachers have developed many ways to avoid the proctored exams (students) and to prevent cheating (teachers). This became a very attractive topic to talk about.

Maybe you could think too that anyone can cheat on a test. That is impossible to detect,  or maybe you could think differently, that cheat is really difficult. Otherwise, whether you think it is difficult or not, let us tell you something: you can cheat on an online exam and you can detect cheating in an online exam. Cheating Dean does a deep study to bring the best tools and gadgets in how to detect cheating.

Is it possible to detect cheating in an online Exam?

Is possible to detect cheating on an online exam?
A very common question

How to detect cheating on an online test, the main question... but is really possible? Yes. It’s a simple answer, but, it’s like that; yes. To everyone it’s not a surprise, you only need to know a series of points to develop, to cheat your online exam you need to have some creativity and agility. But to detect cheating you’ll need to study a little more to catch them, some platforms have an integrated software or tool that helps you to detect cheating. Like when the student leaves the tab to navigate or when their open some suspicious program. But, without an extended knowledge of technology, you could think in a solution like recording them, customizing the test changing one thing in the questions to each student have different answers. 

However, the cheat exists because not every software of proctoring functions 100%, knowing the activities you use to detect cheat. Have something in mind students will search to avoid them. But so ever, to cheat on an online exam requires incredible talent, study, and knowledge in many software to avoid them in a correct way. It’s not easy to do it, but it’s possible, even though… We think it is much better to study and try to get good grades. So, do not trust only software to do the job, mix your attention with it to catch them. Also, Cheating Dean collects information, visit it to read it.

Google Forms Detect Cheating

One of the platforms that are not necessary to install and protect privacy is Google Forms. Easy to use, easy to log in, and easy to follow the steps your students take. Google, maintaining its apps always up to date and adds the options to help those who use their apps.

Within the app is an option when you create a doc, you could see who is in the doc and the moment the person leaves the tab and share it. So, thanks to that, teachers could know if you leave the doc to search for answers or if you share it with another person the teacher will know it immediately.

Finally, this is a way to proctor your remote exams, but, as always there is a method to avoid those following steps that the app has. Think about the possibilities you could apply knowing how they keep an eye on the document.

How Students Cheat on An Online Exam?

How students Cheat in an online exam
Discovered new methods!

Cheat is not an easy situation, it requires an incredible talent mixed with a little of study (unbelievable),  there is not a unique method, depends on the platform used, the professor and much more, we talk about more deeply in other article but, to resume it we highlight here some important topics. Keep in mind, we need to know how to detect cheating on an online test!

Based on our experience, we have seen a big number of ways that students use to bypass the systems. If you are wondering how to cheat in an online exam, you will be amazed how students do it and the capacity they are involved in searching how to cheat instead of study.

Steps students follow to Cheat in an Online Exam

If the exam is not proctored you can try one of the following steps to upgrade your grades. If you want to know steps more specifically, visit our other article

  • Send Screenshots or Photos To an Expert
  • Share your Screen
  • Impersonation
  • Use technological tools
  • Hack the Answers
  • Search The Answers

How students Cheat on a Proctoring Online Exam

In most cases, the tests are now being proctored to avoid students to cheat, the universities, colleges, and schools use software to protect the legality of the exams. On the other hand, students expend an incredible amount of time searching for ways to avoid the proctored, one of those to mention are:

  • Use an external protector.
  • Instal a Virtual Machine
  • Use an intercepting video feeds
  • External Electrical Gadgets
  • Use a common cheating tool

How To Prevent Cheating in an Online Exam

How To Prevent Cheating in an Online Exam
Protect your test!

There exist much proctoring software within the response browser that gives to you an overriding capability to have control on the most important foreground and background functions of the person you’re proctoring, to do that, they need to give you permissions before the exam starts, it’s a good method but not 100% effective. You'll say I never have to search: how to detect cheating on an online test anymore!

We think there are steps to follow in order to prevent online cheating, not only the softwares can detect for themselves cheatings, we think, it’s necessary to mix attention and technical tools to catch a student cheating.

Steps To Prevent Cheating Online

Steps To Prevent Cheating Online
Best probe security!

Some Steps To Prevent Cheating

  1. Use An App or Software

    The most common use method, the platform will help you to know if the students open another tab or left the page to search in another one, basically, you will know every move the students do while they are in your exam.

  2. Do Obligatory Use Of A Webcam During an Exam

    Using this rule, you prevent impersonation. Also, with the cam, you could note suspicious movements, as the same way in classrooms.

  3. Personalize The Test

    This is an easy method to avoid cheating, do an exam with personalized questions, change at least a number o line for each student, this step will get personalized answers so any can't repeat it. Otherwise, a bad thing about this is that you can't avoid the student sending the test to somebody to solve it.

  4. Monitoring Microphones

    Very similar to using a webcam, but more complicated, because you only have the noise to react to a possible cheat. At the moment if the student mutes the microphone without a reason you will notice something is going wrong.

  5. Record Activities

    There is some software that asks permission to record every movement on a PC at a distance, this software was used to spy but, recording these activities in the duration of your test, you'll know what your students are doing on their PCs.

  6. Use a Simultaneous Use Platform

    Some platforms show your status, you are online when you're on the tab of the platform, but at the moment you left it automatically shows your status as 'offline'

  7. Apply Common Methods

    You don't necessarily have to be an expert on informatic, by adaptin your old methods and continuing applying it you could achieve big thins.

Proctored Exam, test or quiz

Online proctored exams simply sort of assessments conducted online that apply advanced technology to ensure the real authenticity of students and prevent them from cheating. 

The best way to protect the legality of your test is by proctoring it. Putting some rules before the exam can save you or your students from cheating. Rules like have the cam on and keep your eyes and hand in certain places. A proctored exam will always be more secure, you don’t need to know everything about software, by following some steps you could think it would work.

However, modern tech has come a long way down and so have proctored tests over a decade, it’s not now that the developer created software for this, but there are too many that can do a good job to maintain the authenticity of the test.

Elements or Software to detect Cheating

Don't let your students cheat anymore!

We will mention some of the best elements or software to detect cheating:

  • Talview. Software that monitors every step the student does inside an interval of time, you can manipulate a lot of things to keep your students away from cheating.
  • Detect a Cheating Dean Pen. You could think it is a regular pen, but it's not, it's a pen that allows you to save documents and it shows it on a little screen with an amazing resolution. The teachers have to be careful when doing an exam.
  •  Digify. Another proctoring software some schools are adopted, easy to use with many tools to monitor your students during the exam, and you can share the test inside the platform.
  • Use two cameras. By using two cameras you will have an amazing perspective, almost all of the students have a PC camera and a Telephone camera, with it you could see everything your student is doing during the exam.

Have more softwares or elements that can help us? Contact with us and share your thoughts, we need all the things you have to said about on how to detect cheating on an online test!

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