How Do Students Cheat

How Students Cheat
A main topic to talk about

How do Students Cheat the million dollar question to all the teachers in the world. Cheating is a common thing in all the educational institutes, some students do that for a need and others because they are too lazy to study. 

In order to cheat, the students who are expert in the topic do research with the possibilities, consequences and success to apply one method or another. They don’t apply the same tactic with different teachers, some study them and the way they act during an exam, managing the possibilities to execute a type of cheating. Also many students do the famous ‘cheat sheet’ and hide them in very specific places so anyone can see it. 

Combined with the ability of some students to cheat, there are gadgets that help them to do it in a very easy way, such as smartphones, watches, calculators, pens and others. As you could see, there exist many methods to do that, here we are going to talk about the most mitic ones and also take topics such as Cheating on Zoom and more. In Cheating Dean you can find gadgets, tips, and more to do and detect cheat fastly, if you want to know more, visit the website and love this amazing world inside there.


Why students Cheat

Why students cheat
There are so many reasons why students cheat

In general, you could think cheat is an easy decision to make, but is a tough one… to some students is a last decision, one of them apply it when couldn’t find a way to get through a difficult test, these ones are the ones that get nervous and many times they couldn’t cheat because they are so afraid to get caught… In the other hand, are those that do cheating every time they take an exam, these ones are the most lazy and vague ones, “the nightmare of the teachers”, this students develop ways to do cheat without getting caught, are so smart applying the cheat that teachers do know they did it but they can not find a way to catch them. How do Students Cheat, keep in that as the main question.

In brief, students cheat because they don’t want to fail an exam, one can choose it because they need to get a good grade and others only to pass without study. This kind of way to pass occurs with complicated courses and teachers.

Definitely, cheating is a decision, you could choose not to do it, but as professor or teacher you have to think why you students do it; if because they are lazy or because you’re doing something wrong. Always getting better and impulse the students to do it as well will eliminate the cheat, of course the lazy ones could still choose doing in their way, but you'll be prepared for that.

Cheating at School

cheating at school
Why is so common?

The most common place to cheat is in High School, this thing is too rare to be present in universities or colleges. Why is this the most common in school? Answer would be too simple: The interest. In School there are some lazy students that the only thing they want to do is get the title, others want to really learn and they study to get their grades.

So, cheating at school is more common because some students do not develop their interest in their future and think only in the easy ways life gives to them, focusing on things they consider “more important” and they are not.

To avoid cheating at school, the teachers want to learn how to handle the interest of their students and inspire them to be better, to get interested in the topic they are learning. This is what happens in college, the people are really interested in the courses and they focus his attention on learning something.

 What is Considering Cheating in School, University and College

 What is Considering Cheating in School
The really meaning

I mean… Cheating is universal in the educational institutes doesn’t it? So cheating could mean the same in all of this sites… but, the rules change, not only because you’re at the school or college, no, can change with the teacher, one consider cheating to do something and others could not consider it cheating, so… what is really considering cheating in all of this places? Here we're to know how do students cheat

Let’s begin with the School. Here cheating is more general to everyone, cheating is to do something prohibited during an exam, such as take off a piece of paper with things on it or help you with a tool that lets you know the answers. In conclusion, cheating in school is doing something that your teacher says to you is wrongdoing during an exam.

Obviously, those things we talked about before, the most of them are illegal at College and Universities, although there is more flexibility to get tools to help you during a test, these gadgets could be considered wrong to use in school, but why is it legal in College? Easy, the tests are more difficult and those “gadgets” are necessary to complete it. Cheating in College is more difficult, you face major risk, but the rules are the same, you can break what the professor says it can’t be done during the exam.

How do students cheat on test

We are really here for a reason doesn’t it? And that reason is to know how do students cheat. Basically to talk about that here we do a research, because they have too many ways to cheat and always find a new one to avoid the security of their exams. Is very complicated to list every trick or method they have, but, to win to those cheaters, we group the best  and most common ones for you to know:

  • They used a cheat sheet and hide it in some place.
  • Very often two or more students talk before to cheat together in some way.
  • Using smart tech, such as Smartphone, Smartwatch or Smartpen.
  • Texting or taking screenshots for an expert to help them.
  • Writing on things (like a bottle sticker, inside a pen) or gadgets they used in an exam.
  • Seeing another student’ exams
  • With Cheat Sheets.

To know how do students cheat depends a lot of the course and the topic the students are learning, there is not a predetermined way to do cheat it can change to adapt to the situation they are involved in, so, to prevent that as professor, you have to know your environment, course and students, in that way you will catch easily whoever try to cheat and discover a way of cheating too.

Can students cheat on zoom?

cheating on zoom
The new nightmare of the teachers

In the new normality born new ways of taking classes in platforms such as skype or Zoom, where a lot of people can reunite it with a cam and microphone, but, as the same ways as the new ways of taking classes born, they born too new ways on cheating and the students do it so often that the teachers could not notice it

Here, we’re going to talk about some ways students cheat on the most used platform to take classes: Zoom.

Most Common Steps To Cheat On Zoom

  1. Using 2 devices

    To cheat inside the platform is not easy, some students use 2 devices to take the exams, one where is the platform open and other to search for answers and help. Can be any devices like an smartwatch or smartpen.

  2. Doing Impersonation

    They take advantage of not putting his camera to ask another person to take the exam while no one is seeing them.

  3. Taking Screenshots or Sharing Screen

    An easy way when the teachers doesn't know how to use Zoom. They take a photo of the screen and send it to somebody to help them.

  4. Using An App To Cheat

    There is to many apps now to cheat on exam, they adapt to the platform you're using, the only thing you have to know is how to use it. Some platforms detect it, but you have to put in function his tools.

  5. With A Virtual Machine

    While they are in the main computer, they open a tab where they have everything they need, the platform not always detect it and this helps them a lot!

If you want to know how to prevent cheating on an online test, visit our other article here.

Why Not To Cheat on an Exam?

Read it before doing it

We think there is no doubt what happens if you cheat on an exam… or are they? Well, we can keep talking in a complete article about the consequences of cheating during an exam, but we want to be clear and want you to know what will be involved if you’re considering cheating. 

At the same time that cheating is doing something illegally you’ll be doing wrong for yourself too and why is that so? To answer you, let me ask you something: Would you trust a life in danger to a doctor who cheated in all of the years of their career? We think that every person with a lack of intelligence will say: OF COURSE NO!. As you would not trust in that doctor you’ll not know ANYTHING about all you cheat on.

 In conclusion, the worst thing about cheating it’s not failing a test or course, no… The worst thing is that you’re cheating yourself about knowing something that you don’t really know, you could not do anything without help, why? Because you didn’t learn anything and you could put something in danger!!

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