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Exam Cheating Tricks
We tell you everything about it!

Exam Cheating tricks. If you're seeking the best exam cheating tricks to pass your exams, here is the best place to find a way to get good grades without studying a lot. Before we start talking and give some tricks, we want to tell you that we do not support cheating, we only write about it because we want you to have fun reading and surprised you with the ingeniousness of some students that do anything to pass a test. We could write this thanks to some students that confess his best methods and Cheating Dean website, where you could find everything about cheating such as gadgets, tips, new methods and more, visit it to find out for yourself!


About the exams tricks

Exist too many tricks to pass an exam, one of them is known and others have been secret for decades, we bring it to you to read those that no one teacher has been capable of detecting and the funny ones that you think: how the f@)$( they do that?... To cheat is complicated, is not the best decision to make, you need to be attentive, fast and the most important of all: be quiet.

So, those tricks we're going to mention were applied by people with an amount of knowledge in these topics. We do not recommend trying it if you're a nervous person or an evident one, the person in charge of the test will notice your behavior and you could fail your exam or have worse consequences. Finally, in the next article, you will find the best tricks you could find on the internet, prepare for success and laugh… but remember what we tell you before! Are you clear about that? Well, stay with us and share this incredible adventure!!

The Most Effective Ways to Cheat

The Most Effective Ways to Cheat
Know what cheaters do!

How many times do you read on the internet the same over and over? And didn't find a way to cheat during an exam in the most effective way possible. Well, let us tell you the answers: ALWAYS. But here, thanks to some students that success applying those steps and again, Cheating Dean, the best website with everything about cheating, we bring to you some tips:

5 Exam Cheating Tricks

Ways To Cheat Without Being Caught

  1. Know Your Teacher

    By knowing the person that did and proctored the exam you will know the chances you have to cheat and apply a gadger or method of cheating. Study their behavior during exam, so you cooul know the moments you have available to use your tools and if you really can use it.

  2. Study the platform or the interior of your classroom

    If you have a real knowledge about your entorn, you could hande the chances you have in it, using his tools and the thing inside on it to help you. In an online Exam in a platform like Zoom you could use his tools in your favor. Therefore, inside a classroom you'll know where to hide something that could help you while you're taking the test.

  3. Upgrade your abilities to write and to be calm

    The ability to write for the construction of a perfect cheat sheet and to be calm to not being notice by anyone during cheating. Those are 2 importans things you need to be good at.

  4. Use all you can have in your favor

    During an exam, always let you use some other tools to make the exam easier such as a rule, calculator or a piece of paper. Think in a way that tools could help you and put your hands in work!

  5. Don't let anyone know you will cheat.

    By doing that, you will asure that no one could see you during cheating. To pass unseen is so important, you need to be calm while you cheat, and if somebody know what you will do, it could be the ruin of your plan.

Best Way to use the tricks at TEST

Look, cheating on an exam is a challenge, not everybody can do it well. You can read too many suggestions and methods that work to get an A, but, the truth is that is not only taking notes or just writing, but you also need to apply a bit of knowledge and abilities to achieve certain goals.

Well, going straight to the point, the best way to apply those tricks is learning the way that another applies it, studying the possibilities, in other words, you need to expend a little time reinforcing all parts that could be weak. We don't assure you 100% of success, why? Because it no depends only on the trick or method will give you, also depends on the ability of the person that will apply it.

To obtain the effect that will wrote here, follow our guidelines perfectly, and use the advice, keep your calm, be attentive to know what happens at your enviroment and be quiet to not get suspicious.

Top Cheating Tricks On Exam

The most common, the most used, and the most effective ones! We do an amazing research on the internet and talk to too many teachers and cheaters students to bring it the unique list of the Top Cheating Tricks On Exam:

  • Use a Bottle Sticker As a Cheat Sheet
  • The 4 eyes method. Use a partner to distract the person in charge while you copy.
  • Hide a Cheat Sheet inside a broken calculator
  • Copy all you need in your hand
  • Using A Smartwatch
  • Copy the text in your table of the person in front chair’
  • Hide the cheat sheet down your shoe
  • Copy text in your nails
  • The Kleenex textbook

There are some that we consider funny and creative, each of them have an explanation but only mentioning it you could know what we’re talking about. If you want to know those techniques more deeply visit Cheating Dean, the real masters of cheating and how to detect cheating.

The Notes in the Water Bottle

Yes, is the method that will mention before, the Bottle Sticker. Is a very common way to hide notes to help you during a test. How you can apply it? Well, is easier than you think.

First of all, you need to have a water bottle. Find a bottle that has a sticker easy to replicate. Now, that you have the necessary tool, here start your creativity replicating it, you need to hide perfectly to reading the notes at the moment you need. There are so many methods to do it, the most used is to put the notes in little font behind an inside sticker where you could find the indications of the brand of the water bottle so no one can know that are exam notes.

So, print the sticker with your notes and paste it on the bottle in a way anybody can't suspect of you. And you're ready to get an A!

The Kleenex Method

Be honestly, at one moment of your life you could hear about the method of the kleenex or the kleenex textbook, don't you?

Is an easy trick, inside of napkins you can write your exam notes as if they were paper. The excuse to have it on the desk while you're taking a test is: that you're nervous and your hands are too sweaty, so the kleenex is to keep your hands clean and free of sweat... but the reality is that you have in it all the necessary things to pass your test.

Exam Cheating with a calculator on math

One of the best and easy exam cheating tricks. If you have a Math Test and couldn't memorize the formulas, having a calculator will assure your success with those. But how?

Well, there are too many calculators on the market, all with one thing in common: the cover or the lit. Yes, here you could hide all the formulas and do like you're reading the calculator. Also, you need to be fast to hide it again when the professor is close to you.

Another way to do it with a calculator is knowing its functions, some of them allow you to save formulas and exercises, if you do that, your life is saved forever.

Exams Cheating Methods On Zoom

Exams Cheating Tricks On Zoom
It's really possible to cheat on zoom exams

As we know, the present has changed, we have a “new normality” where the class and the exams takens online. Is a new way to take courses, all the people are really surprised how it works… but, there is a little thing that doesn't make the online classes perfect. I guess you already know what that is, doesn’t it? Yes! Cheating and cheating tricks the students apply to pass the exams without studying anything, that is something too hard to battle against.

Since those classes began to be taken online, there are platforms that become famous, the first and the most common one: Zoom. In Zoom the exams are now a trending topic to talk about, the teachers develop with the platform, ways to proctored the test, in the moment that happens, the students begin to create amazing methods to cheat without being noticed. So, here we’re to talk about 6 Exams Tricks Students Do at Zoom.

  • Impersonation without cam.
  • Screenshots and Screen share to an expert.
  • Video Softwares to control what the teachers see.
  • Multiple devices to seek the answers
  • Apps To avoid the proctored softwares
  • Cheating Online Softwares

The Cheating Tricks Could Help Me To pass?

Exam Cheating Tricks
Answering your questions!

Currently to pass an exam you have to know many things before taking it. The students now pass a really bunch of time studying to get good grades, but what if you apply a cheating trick to help you? Well… it can pass a lot of things, such as good things as bad things.

Then, you take the choice of applying a cheating trick, could pass 2 things: you succeed or you don't. To succeed you have to know all about the methods you’re using, you have to be calm and the most important thing: you have to be discreet, so nobody can catch you and anyone can know you’re using a cheating trick besides you. On the other hand, if you get too nervous or you don’t know how to use the trick, you will fail because the teachers could catch you or you couldn’t use the trick.

Things that help you pass

Studying is the main one, but if you're one of those that came here to find other anwers, well... we have it!

So, another thing that will let you a hand during an exam is having patience, be calm could help you remind some of the things you read before o you listened in class, giving you the opportunity to remember it. Also, you could use a cheat sheet, a digital one, or a typical one on paper.

Be fast, be attend, be sneaky. You could apply all the methods you read before but if you don't apply those things, you won't pass the exam and less cheating without being caught.

What happens If The Teacher Catches Me Cheating?

What happens If The Teacher Catches Me Cheating.
Think it twice before!

The only thing you can do if your teachers catch you is: pray. As we said too many times before, cheating is not allowed in any institute, if you break the rules you will assume some consequences. Sure, you could try to avoid the responsibilities and say it’s not what they think, but by doing it you only will extend the suffering.

Case scenarios of you being caught doing cheat!

Consequently, you will fail your exam in all the case scenarios, but if the rules are very severe you could face expulsion from the institute you’re at. So, before taking that risk, think if that it is worth it.

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