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Cheat Sheet For a TEst
The best tips and methods

Cheat Sheet For a Test. Inside this world of students, there are too many things that we don’t really know and in the same way there's people that know too much. This article is about how those students succeed, the methods they use and the way they hide their gadgets that nobody can't see. One of those “gadgets” is the Cheat Sheet, our stelar today.

Here we’re going to write how to make a perfect one, where it comes from and some funny info you may not know about it. Our main goal is to make you the lector, know everything about the Cheat Sheet, since knowing makes one until you can use it in a perfect way without making any “noise”


Cheat sheet KNOW THE GADGET!

Want to know how people do a perfect movement to cheat? Stay with us to know all facts, the methods that were born with it and too much more. We worked very hard for you to create new steps and revolutionize the way of cheating, to make it legally and more easy to do, so you acquired real knowledge of it.

If you need to learn how to make a cheat sheet fast and whitout so many explanations go visit right now Cheating Dean, we have all main information there! Learn fast how to do a perfect cheat sheet for a test.

What is a Test Cheat Sheet?

For everyone it is not a new thing to talk about Cheat Sheets, but for those who don’t know what it is, we’re going to explain to you in a precise way what’s the real meaning of a cheat sheet.

A cheat sheet for a test usually is a piece of paper with a resume of an important test or exam topic, the students use it to help themselves in parts that they don’t know or because they don’t study at all. This tool as his name refers, is a way to cheat, for that reason WE DO NOT RECOMMEND to do it. Imagine completing a perfect test that you study for, but in a small part you forget something and you’re going to cheat, after that your teacher or professor catches you and fails your test... nobody wants that for the consequences it carries. 

But, for funny and general reasons, we did research to avoid every part of risk, especially with some tools that really work, you’ll be surprised at the ability that some people have, and yes the first thought we had was: Why don't they use this ability to cheat for study reasons?  Well, a few prefer to make a perfect cheat and not a perfect research study.

Steps to make a Perfect Cheat Sheet

The best Steps to Get a êrfect Cheat Sheet

The definition of ‘perfect’ is different for everyone, maybe something that is perfect for us isn’t perfect to you, but, we put together the best advice to make a perfect cheat sheet and introduce you to the steps that will allow you to cheat without a problem. Here they are:

The Best Steps To Make A Cheat Sheet

  1. Put Together The Most Important Information

    With a resume or cuts of your main text, try to do a document that allows you to use the cheat sheet in any moment without a problem reading text that will not help you.

  2. Choose Where To Hide Your Cheat Sheet

    One of the keys of the cheat sheets is to find a perfect site to hide it, a place where only oyu can see it. You have to think carefully before you pick a place, remember, is something that you don't want anyone to see.

  3. Give To Your Sheat Sheet a Perfect Size

    It's not going to be worth it to do a cheat sheet of the size of a book, everybody can see a paper that size. After you finish the previous step, you now have an idea in what proportions you will be working.

  4. Write it in a way you can understand in any circumstance

    Imagine, the exam began, you're trying to reach a topic that you save in your cheat sheet but didn't find it because you have a disorder in the text, what would happen? Your cheat sheet wouldn't work and you will fail the test. Be neat, give yourself a tool to guide you in the besy and easy way possible.

  5. Don't exaggerate in your cheat sheet

    DO NOT WRITE TO MUCH TEXT. DO NOT USE EXAGGERATE COLORS. Make this tool a perfect piece to remember the points you'll need, no more.

  6. Be Smart

    Learn how to hide without being caught. Do the text short and rich in information. Apply all of the previous steps.

Be smart. This is the best advice Cheating Dean tell to everybody who want to learn how to cheat. Be patient too, is a task tto risk to do it and not all the people can follow all to have a succesfuly journey trought the test.

How To Hide A Cheat Sheet

There are too many ways to hide a cheat sheet, we considered here the most important, outstanding and funny ones. In the first place, you’re going to need a second tool besides the cheat sheet, why? To apply a perfect execution many students created methods that mix all of the best gears of cheating in exams to make it perfect and have no errors. Some of then are those:

  • Put the Cheat Sheet on your thighs and knees.
  • Using the inside hat ridge
  • Writing cheat sheet on fingernails
  • Use sunglasses
  • Stick cheat sheet on your clothes or hands
  • Make a pen rubbing of your notes on the sly
  • Slip a cheat sheet under the cover of your calculator
  • Write out formulas and single pieces of info on a large eraser
  • Print your cheat sheet on a water bottle label.

If you have a method, write us a tell how to apply it! We’re going to be very glad to read you.

Why students use a Cheat Sheet For a Test

A common answer to this question is: they don’t want to study, but behind the cheating there is a large history because the persons really do it, and the most common truth is that they are too vague to study, but a genius to make a tool that helps them. There are to many types of students “cheating” in exams, the principal ones are those that make a fast cheat sheet and most of the time fail trying to cheat in the test, but then, there are those who are expert on cheating and nobody never know how they do, this are considered as “smart students” and the truth is that they are a masters of cheating.

Cheating is a choice, it is an “easy way” to go through but you put too many things in danger. Always the best decision is study, so, before you cheat, try to study.

Options Besides Cheat Sheet

In the 2000s, the most common things to use to cheat were in paper, but, nowadays has been created gadgets that do the “job '' easy, you only need a few bucks to buy it and it's on!

Some of these gadgets are those:

  • Cheating Pen For Exams
  • Smart goggles
  • Calculators that supports documents
  • Smartwatches
  • Smartphones with Apps of Cheat.

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