How to copy on an exam

How to copy on an exam
How to copy on an exam

How to copy on an exam without getting caught is perhaps the million dollar question, and it's the first question that comes to mind when you're in a hurry to take the test. You look at your cell phone and wonder, my God, how can you cheat on a test with a cell phone? Luckily, you're here reading this and you're not tormented by trying to figure out how to cheat on a history test in the middle of the test. Luckily, we're not going to ask you for a million.

There are many ways to cheat on a test, but there are really only a few techniques for cheating on a test that really asure you pass it without having to study. Most ways to cheat on a test will only give you a little boost, but there is nothing like taking a test without studying. Here are the main tips. Remember that at Cheating Dean, we are professionals at copying, there is no one better than us to answer this question.

If you don't want to read the whole product and want an answer now, we recommend you go directly to Cheating Dean.


 The best tests

In the planet of how to copy in an exam, there is always innovation and technique and there is a lot of push for the original exams but we will review the ways to copy in a really functional and more basic exam:

The Best Test

Change: among the best test chops, even if it is not a chop itself. You will simply have to write a possible test question on a blank sheet of paper. You will bring the entire notebook to the exam and halfway through the exam you will take out the paper with the first question you answer. Just write the rest of the questions on the same paper you took out. This technique is valid for exams with 2 or 3 long questions. It is a very effective trick, but it will only help you halfway through the exam.

You are often given papers with typical college titles on which you have to write your name, so you will not be able to use a simple blank piece of paper. Just remember to take one of these pages with you on your next exam. You can photocopy them so that you have all the official pages you need.

Use the drawers to keep the sheets for the changeover to the euro.

The changeover mix: We have talked about using the changeover technique, but instead of starting to write on the sheet you just took out, you can take out a second sheet with the second question to be answered and put it under the first sheet. How to copy in an exam never been so easy! At this point you will only have to show the page below with the second question and copy the article onto the first page as well. If an instructor approaches you, just put the two pages together and take a deep breath and imagine that you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

Bic Pen Chop: This test consists of scratching a Bic pen or a clear pen with a pin or a compass point, it's that simple. It takes some time but it's worth it because it's very safe, the instructors never know the written article. It may not be the right way to copy on a history test (although we've seen it all), but it's a good way to copy on a math test because you'll be able to write the formulas or corollaries (if you don't know that word, you're too happy) that you don't remember.

  How To Copy on an Exam With a Bic cut.

Tipex cut: This cut has 2 earrings, you can replace the label on the bottle of your Tipp-ex and print a template with the content of the test you want. On the other hand, you can create a roll with your Tippex, so you will have to hide the chute under the label of your Tipex. We have dedicated an entire section to the manufacture of Tipex chops: How to make Tipex chops, where we have also prepared some templates for Tipex.

Tipex cutting pattern

How to copy on an exam TIPPEX CHEAT SHEET
How to copy on an exam TIPPEX CHEAT SHEET

General view of the Tipp-Ex warehouse. One of the best ways to know how to copy on an exam.

Writing slowly on the table: a not very original but effective cutting test. One hour before the test, you can write all the topics you need on the table with pencil. Write slowly, with pencil, and choose a dirty, heavily grated table to hide what you have written. Write in several places on the table, not all in the same place. The advantage of this cut is that you can erase it with your finger without leaving any marks.

Classic: We won't say that this is one of the best tests, but it is the usual trick. Write on a piece of paper, cut it out and think of the most remarkable place to hide the test chops. It's not an original test, but it's a good classic. There are some tips on how to make a classic test, so keep reading this section!

Pen to copy in a test

As you can see, there are many types of chops to copy on an exam, but the pen chop is one category in itself. We have talked about using the Bic pen, but there are also other techniques for copying exams by improving the pencil stroke. We have prepared a whole section on how to make a cheat sheet pen. Doing that, you'll know hot to copy on an exam. Read our test pen section here. Also, we have a separate cheat sheet that we have kept unique for this section.

How to copy on an exam with a smartphone

How To Copy with a Smartphone

Well, so far, each form of copy in a test has required no technology. But... you've probably thought of ways to cheat on a test with your smartphone. There are basically two ways to cheat on a smartphone test: either you save an item and read it during the test, or you connect a test penguin to your phone.

If you have a way to take your phone out during an exam, we suggest you check out Android Cheat Sheets, one of the best applications for copying exams. Instead of thinking about how to hide the phone during an exam when the teacher approaches, the cheat sheets for Android will allow you to hide the cheat sheet by simply tapping the screen several times.

The best way to copy into an exam is certainly a smartphone headset. If you are evaluating this way of copying into an exam, you will be interested in the following section.

 How To Copy on an Exam with headphones

Oh, copying with headphones is one of our favorite techniques. In case you didn't know, at Cheating Dean, we make the most remarkable headphones for the exams. In Spain, and now all over the world, we know them as headphones for exam cheats, although they are also sometimes called nano headphones for cheats, nano headphones for magnetic cheats or headphones for electronic cheats.

If you are looking for a way to copy a test without being noticed, copying with eyewitnesses is the best option. The use of headphones in competitions is also very common.

How To Copy on An Exam: does an e-book work?

The performance of a cheating dean is simple. You simply have the headset hidden in your ear and an induction collar that sends the signal to your ear. Usually, you will connect the necklace to a central unit, which in turn connects to your cell phone or MP3 player.

Wearing an ear tag

It is very important to know how to put on a headset correctly so that you can listen to the headset during the exam. We have devoted an entire section to how to put on the headset invisibly.

Types of earplugs

There are basically two types of earplugs: stacked and non-stacked.

Stacked earplugs: These are mainly huge earplugs with an internal stack. They are usually suitable for professional use, such as journalists or actors. Many people call this pinganillo a vip pinganillo. One of the main disadvantages of this type of pinganillo is that they are not hidden pinganillos (they can be seen from the outside) and can be heard from the outside. This type of earphone is not indicated for exams, our opinion about the vip earphone is that it is totally inadvisable for exams. In the following image, you will see that the battery headset is not invisible.

 Black battery operated headset (not invisible).

A flesh-colored ear piercing with a battery (not invisible, you can tell).

Earset without battery: This is the type of earring from Dean's Trap, it is an invisible earring that is sometimes known as a nano earring. It is a totally invisible scissor that is also impossible to perceive by anyone around it. This type of earpiece is certainly the one suggested for exams. It is better to let the experts make sure that such a small earring walks properly and has acceptable hearing. Therefore, we suggest that if you choose this type of earring, you simply purchase a "cheating dean" earring to ensure that you pass the exam without any inconvenience.

 Which earring is best?

Definitely the drumless penguin, the penguin in contests, or the penguin in college or university. Forget it.

Drumless glasses are the only type of glasses we suggest for exams.

This type of headset will be the only real way to cheat on a test without getting caught, and among other benefits, you won't have to worry about where to buy the batteries for the headset like you would with a battery powered headset. Fool Dean with battery-free headphones.

 The Penguin of the Nano-Test

Many people mention examination fingers as nanodigits or nanomagnets, but why? It's a fascinating story. Cheater Dean bought the company and Penguin, and it was the guys at Penguin who started calling the penguins nano-penguins. In fact, they were one of the first ePinganillo stores in Madrid, although today Cheating Dean is an international company. Ah! The good old days.

How to Copy on an Exam with a homemade pinganillo

This is a question that many of us ask ourselves, however, and after all our experience on the planet of the pinganillo, we recommend that you simply buy a pinganillo and do what you do well. Currently, Dean Trickster has a multidisciplinary group of engineers and thousands of hours of work and effort. All you need is to buy a headset, and naturally we suggest Cheating Dean headset.

 Cheating Dean in a test

To know how to copy on an exam you also need to know Where to Hide the Examination Chops:

There are many places where to hide the test chops - the traditional ones - but the best ways to hide a chop are:

  1. In the skirt

    A normal cut held by a discreet garter belt. Short skirt essential.

  2. Under the box

    Hide the chop under the box that you are going to have on the table and take out the chop a little bit to be able to copy it. If the instructor approaches, simply push the chop under the box.

  3. Inside the box

    Instead of hiding the steak under the box, you can hide it inside.

  4. Under the test

    Hide the chop under the test and pull the chop a little bit to be able to copy it. If the instructor approaches, simply push the cheat sheet under the paper.

  5. In the fist

    Never miss a very classic but useful way to hide the test.

How to copy on an exam CHEAT SHEET
How to copy on an exam CHEAT SHEET

 Tips to try

We've already talked about various steak trials and how to make them, and we even have an ace up our sleeve. If you plan to use a classic test chop, we suggest that you do the chop with the Chop Tester, so that you can put many items on your chop.

The size that a Chopator should be extended to is size 5. You can evaluate different sizes, but keep in mind that you will always print in cut size, so it should not be much larger than 5.

We made a move with the program Chuletator and you can see the result we got, we entered a whole number in a very small move size:

 Where to sit to copy in a test

This is an aspect that should not be emphasized when you want to copy in an exam. Where you sit will determine how you get a cheat sheet on an exam. If you feel comfortable, you will be able to take it out easily and you will not have to hide it all the time - remember we are talking about the traditional paper cheaters -. As a general rule, the place where you should sit during the exam is in the back or in an area where teachers do not spend much time. Of course. But remember, sometimes it is better to do the opposite. Sometimes, if you sit in a place where a copycat obviously wouldn't sit, you look like a good kid and go unnoticed. It is never out of the question to literally sit in front of the teacher. Try to get something to try quickly so you can make a selection.

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