A student shows HOW college CHANGES YOU 😵🎓

A student shows how college changes you from freshman to senior year. The medical student went viral by showing two photos of her in a before and after through Twitter.

St. John's University student shows her change

You finish high school and are faced with a question that may define your adult life; whether or not to do a college degree. Choosing to start higher education marks a person's life. After all, this decision defines a person's desire to pursue a specific major. Moreover, the path to success within a career depends on the passion and dedication they themselves feel to achieve it.

Continuing with what has been said, for that reason, at the beginning of every career, students are always full of jubilation. With a tremendous illusion to take the first step in a journey that will mark the rest of their lives. But, this euphoria and encouragement does not last every year of the career, there are times where the studies manage to consume you more than you thought. This situation is known to all those who are about to reach the last years of their career or have already finished it.

St. John's student went viral showing the change

To show a bit of such reality, on Twitter, user @mightbetam, has gone viral. She posted a tweet showing her physical change from her freshman year to her senior year, via her college ID photo. The difference is noticeable.

Weariness, tiredness, impatience, the 4 years of a career lend themselves to many mixed feelings. As the demands increase people often notice that pressure in their routines. Even causing noticeable changes in the physique of a person who has been subjected to so many stresses.

So, in the photo you can see how at the beginning of the race she was extremely animated and motivated, while in the last year her aura has changed tremendously, with a dejected face and prominent dark circles under her eyes.

Finally, the post didn't take long to go viral as it is something that has happened to many of us, which is why it got responses with students identifying with the photos, the situation lends itself to joking about the matter.

The @mightbetam post has trended on Twitter and her stats continue to rise. She will now be known as the "A student shows how college changes you



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