How to Motivate Students in OnLine Classes 【LEARN HOW】

The million-dollar question How to motivate students in online classes? It has prompted large companies involved in education to look for changes.

How to Motivate Students in OnLine Classes
A necessary requirement

Since the exceptional situation presented by the pandemic, online classes have almost completely replaced face-to-face classes. For this reason, teachers live a very great challenge historically due to the transition. They must seek to keep the attention of their students at a distance, but also to motivate them to learn.

Now, teachers have taken up the challenge by applying different pedagogical dynamics. Others have reinvented themselves to the current demands and some have failed to apply them. It is not easy to adapt to virtual reality, this has been seen in several videos circulating on social networks. You can see teachers anguished and worried about the lack of success of their online classes.

In no country have teachers escaped from this problem, moreover, we can assure that a high percentage of students have failed in their attempt to learn through virtual classes. This great challenge has to be assumed and overcome by all those who are part of the educational institutions. Since, for the time being, virtuality will be a reality in education.

So, in search of improving virtual classrooms, there are companies that have dedicated themselves to finding solutions. One of them is in Latin America, more specifically in Colombia. Mindbreak, a company that has bet on the transformation of the country's education through content-rich entertainment and teachings. They propose solutions to the main problems faced by institutions. In short, the Colombian company seeks to entertain and teach, in order to break the monotony of online classes.

Catalina Santamaria, the co-founder of the company, said that the pandemic situation has left very noticeable gaps in the country's educational problems. As they are mainly innovation and digital illiteracy, which has caused terrible problems in teaching that is directly affecting students across the country.

In the face of such a complex situation, there are some questions to be answered for teachers and students to improve their performance. Well, Santamaria has provided a series of recommendations to follow in order to maintain and raise the level of the classes:


  1. Maintain conviction, leadership, and presence that demonstrates your good presence behind the screen. Also, emanate empathy and cohesion in the group to which it is addressed.
  2. Create spaces to socialize, collaborate and incentivize interests among all those belonging to the classes.
  3. Generate constant changes, that maintain attention and interest in the classes in search of a permanent dynamic.
  4. To introduce tools such as storytelling and gamification to create a much more solid dynamism with fluency in the class.
  5. To try to master the different technological tools, seeking to collaborate as well as improve the interaction, learning, and evaluation in the class.


  1. Seek to motivate themselves with the class, identifying their passions as well as seeing the teachings as a method of improvement and growth for the future, in order to maintain interest.
  2. Create a classroom space, which is solely for this purpose. Studying means organizing an environment of preparation to take on the challenges that may be indicated within the teaching.
  3. Participate in the classes. Trying to be someone who is interested and looking for ways to learn will totally change the experience.
  4. Be sure to learn to know the tools that teachers provide for learning
  5. Encourage yourself to be self-taught. In addition to what the teacher can provide, seek to create content and learn on your own, so you can see the good things that the class can have

This Colombian company, Mindbreak, is run by pedagogical experts. In the spirit of empowering change in the classroom, they have sought to create effective tools for both teachers and students. They created a training group called "Find your passion" for students, while on the other side is the one called "Power your virtual classroom" for teachers.

Both groups with practitioners suggesting points that applying them consistently will make a major difference. Mindbreak began teaching these spaces on March 11 and 16 of this year wanting to create a change in the Colombian educational environment and who knows if in the world. All in the pursuit of How to Motivate Students in OnLine Classes


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