Caught more than 100 STUDENTS CHEATING
India continues with his "tradition"

In India continues the bad habit of copy in exams, now they caught more than 100 students cheating. At The Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has been caught those students copying while appearing for the online first-semester exams.

Right after of commiting cheating, these students have now been told to present themselves before the SPPU’s grievances reddressal committee. This action it’s a message SPPU wants to send that the university is vigilant against cheating. Despite the exams attempted remotely via the internet, to assure the students they worried about cheating.

To those who don't know, this first semester examination is being held online for students from first to last year of all courses. This exams started from April 10. The way they apply the exam is conducted of marks with multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in online mode. SPPU’s own Edutech foundation company is conducting this evaluations.

Also, in other sites of India the situation continues appearing. Students from the district of Pune, Nashik and Ahmednagar daily appear for the exams for over 3,700 subjects to be held throughout this examination period by the online method. From the last four days, the daily number of students has increased.

SPPU to combat the cheating of exam is using an online ‘proctored test’, that is a method to conduct the examinations for its courses. Through this method, the professor whose apply the exam can follow the moves of the students, as well they are able to give the exams from anywhere by using any smart device, also computers, so they can do it everywhere. even from the internet cyber cafes.

SPPU is the first officially government university in the state to use this method for exams. Due to Covid-19 pandemic so many thing has changed, mainly for the education as students would not be able to come physically to university campus to give the entrance exams. A decision was taken to conduct exams through this method which is prominently used by IITs in the country. The appliance of this method will help both students and teachers.

“Is super easy to apply the software, the students only have to follow a couple of steps to start, student only have to log in to the platform. Then here give the exam through any smart device. As we said before, all the movements of the students are captured and monitored by the system. A revolutionary way to protect the security of the exams. If a student is doing doing any suspicious thing he/she is given warning three times. The software detect when the students leave the window where exam is. If the student continues their act then the student is disqualified from the exam. Because they were prevent before.” said Mahesh Kakade, SPPU’s director of the board of examination and evaluation.

“Until now we have caught more than 100 students cheating through this method. They are going to appear before SPPU’s grievances addressal committee to explain themselves and assume the consequences. With this pandemic situation, all exams are being conducted only, but they are not allowed to cheat, for that reason we fight against.” he added.

Source: Hindustan Times

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