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Virtual Classrooms 2021
The virtuality of the classrooms is becoming more complicated

During the pandemic the mode of education evolved to Virtual Classes in 2021. Some subjects such as mathematics, history, chemistry and physics, are proving to be some of the most struggled of the students. All this as a result of the poor understanding that online classes leave them with. If the subjects were previously extremely complex, now the lack of attention on both sides has left low grades.

A sample of the situation that has arisen in Mexico, the counselor of the Unión de Padres de Familia del sur de Tamaulipas, David Hernández Muñiz, highlighted that a large number of evaluations have been carried out by the schools and that is where they have seen this problem.

"A subject like history is not easy for them, they find it difficult to retain dates, data of places, or in their case they get confused by the lack of concentration within their "virtual classrooms". While with mathematics it happens the same or even a little worse, like with chemistry, and physics," he commented.

Quoting the counselor's words, they also added that the students' grades and behavior demonstrates the poor reception when doing readings. You can see how they have a hard time retaining and in their case when they do, they tend to forget it almost immediately.

Applied Modality, the most complicated thing about Virtual Classrooms 2021

He also assured that this new way of teaching at a distance, is neither the most correct nor the most optimal in teaching. Because 60 percent of students have not fully understood their classes, which produces a significant lag. Hernández Muñiz said that it is difficult for a child in elementary and high school to develop new attitudes with this learning modality. The modality was mainly designed for high school and university students.

"This is causing a delay in education very important, because the virtual classes 2021 were planned or created for levels like middle school, high school onwards. So it is very difficult for a child of lesser age and lower educational level to attend more than 6 hours of online classes, and grasp all the knowledge that can be provided to them," he stressed.

Thus, several aptitude tests have been applied in which it has been detected that 60 percent, have failed to understand the system being proposed by the Mexican Ministry of Public Education.

"The situation has manifested itself in several examinations that have been done throughout several schools in southern Tamaulipas. In which statistics were produced after the study, indicating the complexity of the program proposed by the Federal Ministry of Public Education. We have also discussed it with the Secretary of Education of Tamaulipas, who recognizes the existence of this backlog," he added.

Finally, after the statistical study, the state has decided to revise school programs to return to face-to-face classes in a way that does not pose any health risk to them. All this in order to give an advantage to all those students who, due to these circumstances, have encountered difficulties in their learning.

SOURCE: Milenio


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