Cheating on online test ➡️40 people did it on a WhatsApp Group📲

Cheating on online test
Cheating on online test throught WhatsApp

The University of Granada (URG), specifically the Department of Financial and, Tax Law has discovered 40 students cheating on an online test. Authorities of the University have reported the problem to the Service Inspectorate of the university institution. This event had been done in the second semester of the university. The period of the mentioned course is 2020-2021.

Furthermore, the teacher in charge of the subject had decided to talk to the director of the Financial and Tax Law department and tell him all the details of what happened. Afterward, the director showed tests and documents to the authorities. Cheating on an online test is a crime and, the students did it through the message app WhatsApp. How the did it? Well... They opened a group where there was more than 40 students!!! which it's the 50% of the students enrolled in the course.

The technique used to cheat consisted of sending the questions through the WhatsApp group to be answered. Every five of one student can get the question sent by the app. It's important to mention that the students of this group were from different grades, that's insane!!.

Both the rector, Pilar Aranda, and the director, professor Juan Lopez are aware of the facts and have issued a statement to the Service Inspectorate about the events. The students involved in the online test cheating will receive a zero and fail on their tests. Investigations are still in progress, and sanctions are also being considered.

In the words of Juan Lopez: "Seriously, about student cheating, regardless of whether it is an online or in-person test, it is still serious. Due to the pandemic situation, many teachers and students are doing their best to fulfill their responsibilities. It is unacceptable that these types of situations arise. The impunity that many university students enjoy must be eliminated."

Three departments are joined to confront the issue. Each area has been presented in a previous situation where this type of cheat has occurred. The Financial and Tax Law's department and the Administrative Law's department are affected by the situation. The rector has also mentioned that the Service Inspectorate had opened cases of investigations by three departments. If we take the rector's word, there are currently three departments affected.

Source: IDEAL

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