Cheating on a math test at U.S. Military Academy [Possible EXPEL💥]

Cheating on a math test
More than 70 cadets cheated on a math test

It has been a disgrace at the U.S. Military Academy. At least 70 cadets have been implicated in cheating on a math test.

It all started when the authorities noticed some inconsistency in the answers of 73 cadets. This was said by Lt. Col. Christopher Ophardt, who is a speaker from the Academy at West Point. Over 1200 people are in this class.

By the words of Ophardt: "Despite the events that occurred in the cheating on the math test, the academy and the program remain strong. Remote learning is a challenge brought by pandemics. Cadets implicated in this disgrace have to receive a penalty for breaking the code and honor of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point".

According to Ophardt: "Researches on cadets was made. The Honor Committee was responsible for the researches. As a result of this investigation, they discovered that two peoples were dropped for insufficiency of evidence. Also, four cadets were dropped. The reason is the cadets resigned. 55 cadets have been enlisted in rehabilitation for six months. This rehabilitation is focused on ethics. Furthermore, all cheaters will be on probation during the time at the academy".

Besides, cadets who cheated on a math test will face administrative hearings. The authorities will determine if they violated the honor code or not. Dependent on this decision if the cadets are expelled or not.

Ophardt said: "In 1976 something similar to this happened. In that year, more than 153 cadets were expelled or at least resigned for cheating on an electric engineering exam. It was severe due to the upperclassmen organized the cheating".

Source: Fox Business

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