COPYING from a classmate WILL NOT BE PUNISHABLE. In Spain a new law will protect university students for a minor offense during an exam, but they must know how to do it so as not to be penalized.


The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, has withdrawn the minor punishable absence that was imposed on students for imitating in the analyzes continuously and once, whether for an unintended act such as observing the next-door buddy throughout a test.

The rule seeks to generate novel "avenues of intervention" instead of directly exercising sanctions to solve conflicts. COPYING from a COMPANION WILL NOT BE PUNISHABLE.

Different ways to copy that if they will be punished less COPYING from a classmate WILL NOT BE PUNISHABLE

If a student is caught breaking the rules established in the university understanding tests. As it could be to go to the exam with an earpiece or to take a cheat sheet throughout it if it is going to be sanctioned as it happened until then. The instructor will be able to remove the student from the class or repeat the test later.

The classrooms witnessed many different ways of mimicking, starting with having the agenda written in a pen or on the cover of the draft. Until generating a hole in the rubber with a chop inside. However, students will still have to exercise caution if they risk doing any of them. Because they have the possibility of facing up to a month of expulsion.

However, the simplest way to imitate what it was like to see the compadre next door will not have a sanction included.

Has it disappeared from the definitive-writing?

However, and in the absence of being confirmed by the Ministry of Universities, it seems that there is a final modification.

Although in the draft of this law it was considered a minor offense to mimic 'the one next door' or ask him for help. As they have communicated in the assent of this law, said part of the letter has disappeared. From the ministry, they point out that these infractions would be resolved as before: according to the teacher's criteria.


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