Students LOOKING FOR HOUSE for PARAPLEJIC KITTEN. On the planet there are a huge number of animals that suffer from some disability and several of them are left to their own devices.


Fortunately, there are people with great hearts who take them in until they find a home. This is what happened with 2 university students in USA , who for a few months have been raising George, a paraplegic kitten . Even though he only uses his 2 front legs, he does all kinds of occupations. TikTok went viral for poignant scenes.

George has been abandoned on the street and the non-profit organization Orphan Kitty Plan (in English Orphan Kitty Project ), originated by students of the University of California, Davis College of Veterinary Medicine saved him.

The cat has paraplegia and, as it is awaited for its adoption, 2 students from the dedicated university in the United States are delegated to raise it, according to local media. We are talking about Natalie Lowry and Claire Chung , third-year students .

Teenagers have to change George's diaper many times, since he cannot walk in his litter box. “Protecting a George is like protecting any other pussycat or dog. In addition to the diaper changes that only take 5 min or less, George is a huge comrade and has a lot of love, tenderness and unique estrangements, "Clarie commented to local media.

Students-SEARCH-HOUSE for PARAPLEJIC-KITTEN went viral on TikTok

Natalie and Clarie made George an account on TikTok to share video clips about their day to day. One of the clips, clearly, went viral since in the filming George appears running, despite his disability, once they are going to offer him to eat. Students LOOKING FOR HOUSE for PARAPLEJIC KITTEN. The video clip exceeded 28 million views and well over 4 million I loved it. In addition, there was a huge amount of comments from users delighted with George's development. rush their adoption process, ”agreed Claire.

George the rocket man 🚀 pt. 3: ability to twerk #fyp #fypシ #georgethecat #catsoftiktok #juicy

♬ Juicy - Doja Cat

Although Natalie and Clarie love George, they do not have the possibility of adopting him because of the lifestyle they show.

"Having a pet is a tremendous responsibility, we as university students do not have the resources to do it despite wanting to." said Natalie, who predicts a quick home for the kitten that has stolen millions of hearts on TikTok.


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