A former student helped his TEACHER and went viral for the gesture

A former student helped his TEACHER. If there is one gigantic life lesson we take away from pandemic disease, it is the possibility of being superior people. At least, that's the way it should be. Just tell that to Steven, who has gone viral on social media with his beautiful gesture to his former teacher José, just when he needed him most. We'll tell you all the details!

The tweet shared by Steven Nava mentioned the following: "Twitter friends, please help! Each and every morning/evening I noticed this larger man staying in his car over and over again in a parking lot around my dwelling, including once when the weather was bad. He looked familiar and I'm sure several of you have had him as a substitute in Fontana..." After recognizing his former teacher, José Villarruel, his student managed to mobilize the networks.

For sometimes, a tiny gesture could be quite huge. The Mexican teacher, the resident in California, was quite harmed by the worldwide pandemic disease. So much so that he had no choice but to abandon his job once the educational centers were closing, back in May of the last year 2020. After being out of work, he had to find another job, as a welder from 5 o'clock in the morning. A pretty tough situation, especially for a 76-year-old man like him.


That was not all, because his income was insufficient and debts were drowning him. A sad story that made the teacher Jose had to leave his home and stay to live in his car, as the last alternative. Steven was passing by and was shocked by the human being's case and finally decided to approach him. A gesture of empathy and an emotional surprise once he found that it had to do with his former teacher from the Fontana Unified School District. Not only did she spread a message on Twitter to help him, but through more platforms like TikTok...


Anything helps guys, Im surprising him for his birthday on Thursday, god bless everyone (gofund me link in bio) 🙏 #foryoupage #fyp #viral #help

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Joseph's case moved Steven (@stevennava_) and he gave him $300 that he had at that moment. Unsatisfied with this, he made him a promise: he would help him in every possible way. Words that, of course, he kept. So he designed a campaign on GoFundMe, which raised well over $5,000 in just a few hours. "If we all chip in, even if it's $1, we'll have a chance to help him. Twitter, work your magic," he mentioned. The triumph has been immediate and, from $5,000 it went to $27,000, equivalent to about 22,000 euros. huge news! a former student helped his TEACHER

"From the BOTTOM OF MY HEART..."

Once the money was raised, Joseph was able to celebrate his 77th birthday in the most precious way. He, who didn't believe what had just happened, was speechless. "From the bottom of my heart, I had to gather all my strength not to get emotional or nervous. It was unpredictable, but I accept it with an open heart and I am ready for whatever comes next. I know those good things will come". De esta forma lo contaba en una entrevista para la CNN. Sin duda, hay personas que realizan de todo el mundo un espacio mejor.


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