Professor AVOIDS THEFT with Kung-fu

Professor AVOIDS THEFT with Kung-fu. A Chinese teacher tells through a video recreation, how he was able to get rid of a thief who wanted to take away his belongings.

Professor AVOIDS THEFT with Kung-fu

The video clip in which a Chinese instructor recreates the martial arts moves he deployed against the mugger who stole his belongings has gone viral on social media.

Last November 1, Zhou Pigai, an instructor at Xiangtan University in Hunan (China). He was walking near Chinatown in Los Angeles (California, USA.US.), once he was approached by a masked individual with a firearm.

The thief's surprise was that the unthinkable happened for him, in the blink of an eye everything was complicated. The professor whom he set out to rob managed to disarm him by means of kung-fu moves that he learned when he was in martial arts school. Professor AVOIDS THEFT with Kung-fu.

In the video clip in which he recreates the incident, which was broadcast by local media, Pigai explains that he managed to take down the robber with a kick, which also brought him down. After getting the robber to drop the gun, he attempted to flee. However, he stopped to check that he was not injured, once the criminal caught up with him and returned to point the gun at him. Again, at that instant when the teacher made the decision to hand over the luggage he was carrying.

According to China Daily, the instructor, who reported the theft to the LAPD, lost, around, $3,130 worth of private items.


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