Impersonating Identity on Driving Test is equivalent to ⏩PRISON

Impersonating Identity on Driving Test
Imprisonment and fines for all persons committing these illegal acts.

Two people from Vigo are arrested for impersonating identity on a driving test, and now they're facing a sentence of up to twenty-one months in jail. It isn't the first time that somebody tries to impersonate identity in a theoretical driving test. It happened In 2019. Two people attempted to impersonate identities when one of the involved went to the test carrying the DNI of the other. To their surprise, the authorities arrested the DNI bearer.

Now in 2021, it happened again. The court has condemned the Vigueans for impersonating identity on a driving test. The sentence for the impersonator was a fine of 900 euros, in addition to a sentence of 6 months in jail. For the impersonator, the sentence was more serious, as this person had committed similar actions in Madrid before. His fine was 1,350 euros and 21 months in jail.

Impersonating Identity on Tests is tantamount to imprisonment

The sentences for people committing illegal acts are getting higher and higher. The General Traffic Regulations are implementing new measures to prevent Impersonating Identity on Driving Tests. One of the new measures is a fine of 500 euros and 6 months suspension from taking the driving test for people who try to use unauthorized devices during the tests.

Source: Marca.

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