Learn ON TikTok
A new way to learn has arrived

Learn on TikTok, something unimaginable that is now a trend. Nowadays, who doesn't know TikTok? One of the platforms with more fluidity of visitors and content creation largest in the last year, eye if not the largest. According to a report made not long ago, the platform has about 689 million users in the world and a good percentage of its users are between the United States and Spanish-speaking countries. Being one of the most used in America, according to We Are Social last year only Facebook managed to surpass it for a short period of time.

The pandemic situation has driven most of the world's inhabitants to seek new forms of entertainment. That's why streaming platforms increased in the audience and there, among all began to emerge TikTok. With a micro-narrative in its content, it has become the transgenerational meeting place.

A point where the platform has taken hold is in the creation of content from song verses. An endless number of choreographies, lip-syncs, and sketches are implemented in very particular ways. With the short and snappy format on which they are based, people bring out the best of their ingenuity to go viral with unique interpretations that anyone can copy and upload as they do. The influence of "TikTok" is starting to take hold in the new generations, even in cultural references.

Because of its influence, the short video social network has taken its influence in this world to launch a campaign that could have a direct effect on its users, the #LearnOnTikTok initiative. "Who hasn't tried to do something they learn on TikTok?" they say. This initiative seeks that the content reaches beyond entertainment, promoting education to its audience in a different way. Creating a connection between the interest of wanting to replicate what they see with learning. Eridany Vazquez, in charge of Sports & Entertainment Content Partnerships at TikTok MX, explained that they "saw" a hunger to want to know more things and do them, which is why they found a new way to implement knowledge.

Vazquez says that among his goals is to categorize TikTok so that people can have content that provides real help. This #LearnOnTikTok operation is not intended to have an immediate effect, on the contrary. It is an initiative that aims to be long-term, setting up videos of different kinds that may seem interesting to anyone.

In Mexico, important institutions have joined the initiative, such as the IMSSS, Zoo's (@ZoologicosCDMX on TikTok), the Museum Universum, and specialized professionals. All with the same goal, through interesting content, to teach the audience about their specialties, adding culture and knowledge for their viewers. The initiative is really striking because of the scope and impact they can have, they started it in Mexico, but it can grow globally.

In fact, without going any further, in any country we can find professionals in TikTok. Explaining a few of their specialties, some with more entertaining content than others. All with the aim of showing the world that you can learn a lot of valuable things without making it boring.

Finally, we can say that the pandemic has managed to capture in a more physical way how changes are necessary and constant. Learning always has to evolve to adapt to the times, as does entertainment. So we must not close any door to experiment and implement in the pursuit of success. That is why we must push the attempt for the "learn on tiktok"

Source: Forbes Mexico


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