PROFESSOR loses his car and STUDENTS give it back to him 🥺

PROFESSOR loses his car and STUDENTS return it to him
Great action happened in Brazil

Yes, due to the pandemic a professor loses his car and his students give it back to him in a grandiose gesture. Marcelo Siqueira, 87, a retired teacher. He had to put his 1972 Volkswagen Beetle up for sale and his former students wanted to make a nice gesture by buying it and returning it to him.

It happened in Brazil to old professor (87 years old) Marcelo Siqueira. Currently a retired teacher, he taught History and Geography at the Dona Carola State School of Curitiba. Marcelo was a teacher in the Brazilian city for 26 years. He was known in the neighborhood where he lives for his distinctive Volkswagen. That he bought around 1972 and still kept the vehicle impeccable after 49 years with it.

But, due to the economic situation that induced the pandemic in his country, the professor was having a hard time and was forced to sell his mythical car to make ends meet. News that left many of those close to him shocked, as they knew what the car really meant to him.

When the news started rolling, his students began looking for a way to do something about the situation. One of them, Claudio Martins, told how Marcelo, when he was their teacher, not only taught them, but also sat next to them and advised them. Claudio says: "The professor was essential in that part of our lives, he taught us to look much further than the present."

Then, the students explained that upon learning of the situation the professor was going through, they decided to get together and give him back his special car. They created a Whatsapp group with several of their former students, they agreed to collaborate and be able to buy back Marcelo's Volkswagen. Which happened, they bought it back from its former buyer and then returned it to him.

That wasn't all they did with it, though. After they had the car, they wanted to collect some more money to make the car like new and make the old man feel much better about it. As if he had just bought it on the spot.

This action was so striking thata famous Brazilian program got wind of the detail and went to pay Marcelo a visit. Knowing that a PROFESSOR loses his car and STUDENTS give it back to him, they had to highlight the situation. They managed to interview him to explain the situation and the 87 year old man ended up crying with emotion when he was surprised by his former students. They were also moved to fervent applause at the sight of their former teacher's tears.



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