Man fails his driving test 192 times💥🚗 UNBELIEVABLE!

Man fails his driving test 192 times
Again and again. A polish men keep trying!

Man fails his driving test again and continues...Yes, as you are reading it and it is not a joke. A 50-year-old Pole has tried an unusual number of times to pass the theoretical exam to obtain a driving license. Can you believe that he has done it so much? … No less than 192 times in the last 17 years, it seems a lie, doesn't it? In each of the occasions the result has been the same: failed. He now holds the dubious and painful honor of having the worst record in all of Poland… And maybe in the whole world.

As is the case in almost any part of the world, also in Poland, candidates for the desired driving license must first pass a theoretical exam. Once this first test is done, you can take the practical exam, driving with an instructor. It is worth noting that there is no limit on the number of attempts. Commonly, between 50% and 60% of card applicants pass the theoretical test the first time (usually the logical thing to do); in the case of practice, the percentage is reduced by only 40%.

Faced with such a stir over the news, the Polish press did not want to reveal the name of the famous person who has failed the theoretical test 192 times. Although, thinking about it another way, maybe I should, right? because it is something that very few people can boast, even if it is not such a good thing. The most incredible thing of all is that the good man has already spent about 6,000 zloty (about 1,300 euros !!) only in exam fees, without knowing him you can know that he is a resilient person who does not give up.

Controversy on the Polish driving test

So, surely more than one is like us wondering; How difficult is the theoretical driving test in Poland? Because of course, we can judge the man, but the test may be more complicated than many of us imagine.

According to RTP (Real Time Transport Protocol), most applicants manage to pass the theoretical test on the second or third attempt, in the worst case. The man who holds the record for 192 failed attempts is not such an exceptional case in Poland, since according to data from the Provincial Road Traffic Center (WORD) of Piotrków Trybunalski there is another candidate … yes, it is not such an exceptional case, resident in the city of Opole, which already has 113 failed attempts. Quite a threat to the current record. They must be doing something wrong in that test, don't you think? because it is not usually normal for a man fails his driving test 192 times

Finally, the curious case has sparked an interesting debate in this country, but it is already spreading around the world because of the uniqueness of this. There are many people who think that there should be a maximum limit of 20 or 30 attempts to pass the exam. Well, if after that it has still not been approved, it is no longer worth trying because the problem goes beyond the difficulty of the test. We will see if the Polish authorities do something about this in the coming years.



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