Academic Fraud at EAES 📝: Students tried to CHEAT

Academic Fraud at EAES
Students committed Academic Fraud At the EAES.

Senescyt was in charge of warning students involved in academic fraud at EAES. Those people likely cheated for the EAES (Examen de Acceso a la Educación Superior). They want to know the necessary documents to present for this situation.

It was determined on Monday, April 5 of this year, that several students committed academic fraud at EAES. At least 185 people were registered for this online evaluation. Which was submitted on March 24. The Senescyt's Secretariat was assigned to present the facts.

Each possible student involved in this situation received an email that required to submit the documents for a period of no more than two days. Besides, the e-mail mentions the possible faults committed, for example, cameras turned off, leaking of images, help from third parties, among others.

One of those affected is Nicole, who is 18 years old. According to Senescyt, she is implicated in academic fraud at EAES for presenting with hearing aids. Senescyt's email states the following: "To appeal this decision, the person must present in a maximum of two days at the moment of receiving this email the documents that he/she considers pertinent". Nicole mentions: "I'm not aware of the documents and also, forgot to take off my headphones when went to resolve my exam. I was concentrating on solving it". Her final score was 40 correct questions. The total number of questions was 89. She was surprised to receive a message mentioning that she committed academic fraud.

Another person affected and accused of academic fraud at EAES is Dayana. She says that she did not expect to get a message from Senescyt warning about this irregularity. In the mail, they explain to her that she got help from a third party. "My grade was 33 correct on the exam. Why didn't I get a higher grade if they were supposedly helping me?. I think it all happened because my sister and I used the same laptop. We present at different times but using the same IP. We don't have two laptops because our family is low-income people. I'm waiting for a response from Senescyt".

"They don't tell us the reality and don't mention the steps to follow. I don't know what a discharge document is. Several students like me are involved in this situation. We want to solve this issue since We want to have the opportunity to go to college to have the career of our dreams." Alexandra's words. she is another student implicated in the situation.

Many of them mention that they were not related to those acts, but other scholars claim to committed academic fraud. According to Daniel (we decided to protect his name), there were attempts to copy. He is in various groups in which diverse students aspiring to higher education are gathered. In the groups, students wonder if Senescyt will be able to detect the methods planned by them to have time to copy and help others to cheat as well. "Will there be penalties if I decide to read in a low voice for someone close to me so they can help me?". Asks one student in the group. They also asked questions such as, "If I decide to connect an HDMI cable to project my laptop to my TV will they be able to detect it?". Furthermore, students asked interrogations about the best tips to avoid Senescyt controls.

From Secretariat's words: "All students included in the academic fraud at EAES have a zero until it is proven that they did not commit it. Moreover, they will not participate in the admission process". The cases will be resolved after the two days passes required by Senescyt.

Source: El Comercio.

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