Massive cheating on a test Ô×íStudents did it on a psicology's test ­čś▒

Massive cheating on a test

A situation showed up in recent days at the UNCo. Massive cheating on a test by students.

The teachers discovered a total of 52 students who copied from the internet (101 students in total were taking the test).

The newspaper of LM Cipolleti published the following line: "Due to the situation the faculty was studying the possibility of changing the methodology to prevent new conflicts. Unfortunately, there won't be sanctions other than invalid the exam. This won't prevent the students involved in the massive cheating on this test to return to the table".

Teachers raised the alarm that students were copying their exam answers. As a measure, the faculty reprogrammed the table that was scheduled for March 26 due to the possibility of changing the methodology. It wasn't suspended as expected it.

Fabiola Etchemaite's words to LMC regarding the issues were: ÔÇťThe students who didn't participate in the massive cheating on the test passed it. No further penalties can be applied to the students involved. Once the new methodologies are implemented for the following exams, all the students who cheated the answers will be able to present without problemsÔÇŁ.

"A situation like this never happened before. Not in this faculty or in the rest of the National University of Comahue. This doesn't mean that it wasn't presented in different universities. In the past year, they found modalities similar to this". According to the Academic secretary's comments.

Etchemaite relates: "The situation is quite complicated since only 9 people are in charge of the chair and responsible for controlling all the exams. Those people say it's difficult to observe hundreds of cameras at the same time. It's important to mention the professor are overloaded with responsibility. In Psychology, there are diverse chairs and something equivalent to massive cheating on a test has never happened before. Both students and teachers are learning "

211 students were summoned to take the exam and only 101 appeared. The modality of the exam was: students had to keep their camera on for 2 hours of a written exam, the delivery of the test had to be through the Pedco platform (virtual platform presented by UNCo). At the time of reviewing the tests, the chair of Human Biology of Psychology presented evidence of 52 exams that had committed plagiarism through Google.

Source: Bariloche2000

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