Fraud. The teacher who sent answers for exams [Throuhg WhatsApp]

Teacher commits fraud

The Italian police have investigated the massive fraud committed by the teacher. Following the lines, this person was responsible for sending answers of exams to students through WhatsApp. Exams of the University of Genova. The professor is not related with this entity. With the help of the University, the authorities got the professor committing fraud.

To prove it, this institute sent a statement that says the teacher gives answers for tests such as general accounting, reported by media. The economic department of the University of Genova was the first to declare to the authorities the fraud during the exams.

Furthermore, "the police have always helped the institute with investigations. They show proves and thesis of students implicated with this fraud.". Statements made them by the finance guards. The teacher declared that he offered private classes.

Students sent him pictures of tests, he answered and sent them back. Those tests were related to Statistics, Accounting, marketing, When the authorities got the alarm sending by the University they show up at his home during the exam of Accounting and discovered him talking to the students while they were doing the online test.

The police search for documents and electronic devices from the teacher. As a result, they identified 22 people involved in the fraud.

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Source: 20minutos

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