PRANK of a professor to his students ▶ YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW😂

Pranks of a professor to his students
A very good joke!

PRANK of a professor to his students in an unbelievable way. It's no news that most people have at least once cheated on an exam, yet deny that they've ever considered doing so, it would be pretty hard to turn a blind eye if a professor puts it on a silver platter for you by accidentally handing you the answers, wouldn't it

Apparently that happened whena university statistics professor sent his students a huge folder of presentations within the syllabus to help them review for the test, where he had very neatly placed "everything they could possibly need." But, they were dumbfounded when they noticed at the bottom a folder called 'Exam Answers. NOT FOR STUDENTS', which seemed to have been attached by mistake. Although, was it really a teacher's fault?

The account of a student who commented on Reddit about the event, which occurred a few months ago and has gone viral again in recent days on social networks, led to the answer. "I asked myself, "Is it a mistake? So I clicked on it..."

After the click, there he discovered his professor's pranks. Instead of opening a file that led students to the precious treasure trove of all the answers that would allow them to pass the final test effortlessly, it redirects to YouTubeand simply plays the music video for Never Gonna Give You Up, by Rick Astley. A truly high-quality prank on the part of the professor!

A whole lesson that has caused a sensation on social media, as users have loved the professor's sense of humor.

"I want to go to college to become a professor just so I can do this to all my students,". One Reddit user noted about the post of the "prank of a professor to his students".

SOURCE: 20minutos


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