blindfoled student in class
Outrage throughout italy over the situation!

The situation of the blindfolded student in class arose in a high school in Verona, northern Italy, where a teacher had the audacity to ask a 15-year-old student to blindfold herself while they were presenting an evaluation, all to prove that she was not cheating.

It all started in the middle of an online German class. Her teacher had mild suspicions that her student was cheating and asked her to put on a blindfold that would cover her eyes. With the unbelievability of the situation, this did not take long to transcend in the local Italian and some already international media. As suggested by II Corriere della Sera, the controversy caused by such a situation and the unease among students and teachers grew nationwide.

While taking an online German class, which took place due to coronavirus restrictions in the country, and in tempo it couldn't have been worse. The situation arose just as a mobilization was taking place demanding improvements in the virtuality of classes.

The teacher began to harass a student who was answering well all the questions she was asked. Being suspicious of her ability she initiated the embarrassing request. It is true that, with the advent of online classes, young people have found various ways to cheat and copy themselves on exams. That is why at the slightest doubt they act, although we believe that the limit has already been reached.

Continuing with the moment that occurred, the student, at the request of her teacher, complied. She grabbed a scarf she had nearby and proceeded to do so in order to continue responding and thus prove that she was doing nothing wrong. According to the media reporting the situation, the student did so to "the surprised and embarrassed looks of her classmates". In frustration, her classmates acted quickly and took an image that they shared through social networks. Which immediately made it reach the parents of other students, who were outraged at the solution to prevent "cheating." How could it be possible to see a blindfolded student in class?

Rete degli Studenti, an Italian student association, has expressed through its spokeswoman Camilla Velotta its discomfort and unease about what happened. "It is not tolerable that distance education, already a fallacious system in itself, becomes a pretext to implement repressive and violent measures against students. We offer full solidarity to the student and ask that serious measures be taken against those who, like the teacher of this embarrassing episode, create a climate of distress during lessons, instead of turning them into a useful and formative moment students." Explained Velotta with a total tone of indignation.

Also, the president of the provincial student council has denounced time and again that "unfortunately, this is not the only story that has reached them in this period, which shows that something is not working."

Although, without going any further, in November of the previous year an image of two pupils in the same distressing situation was broadcast in Salerno. Two boys blindfolded during a Latin and Greek class at the Caccioppoli High School in Scafati. This also unleashed criticism, not with the same magnitude but with the same sentiment. Then, they explained, it was a practical exercise to show students that they didn't need to copy to answer well.

SOURCE: El Mundo

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