Professor got DRUNK in front of his students🥴 AND THIS HAPPENED▶

Professor got DRUNK in front of his students
It happened in the United Kingdom, a professor even drank the water from the plants.

INSOLITE! Richard Glenn, the blissful Professor got DRUNK in front of his students. Age 55, majoring in computer science, a teacher who used to be one of the best. It happened in the UK. Where he was sanctioned for his lousy attitude, during a trip where he was in charge of students between 16-18 years old. Worst of all, they couldn't just cancel the trip, since the trip was to Costa Rica. His wrongdoing cost him that for the next 3 years he will not be able to teach. It will only be until April 2024 that he will have the possibility to ask for an annulment of the sanction.

A couple of years ago was when the act was witnessed, but to this day it is still echoing the madness that the professor did. It all happened in July 2019, on a three-week trip to Costa Rica with his students. After the trip ended, the investigation of the event was conducted.

During the presentation to theSecretary of State for Education in charge of judging him, it was learned that, among other facts, he had gotten drunk multiple times in front of his students. Acting improperly every time, but not only that, he had also threatened them. His words were extremely clear and frightened his students. We quote his words verbatim: "I'm going to kick your fucking head in" and "I'm going to kill you". Although, he later recurred saying that he did not remember most of his actions, but that he was remorseful because he confessed to not being professional enough.

It was reported that the student leading the trip revealed what was going on. She saw and discovered that fellow minors had tickets to consume any type of alcoholic beverages and to enter without restriction in a nudist club. In addition, as if that were not enough, Professor Gleen "exposed his naked body to the leader the trip in the hotel room" while under the influence of alcohol.

Because of these attitudes, the constant complaints of his students and the fear of some for what could happen. On the sixth day of the trip he was sent back to the United Kingdom, where he was expelled from Longridge Towers School, in the English northeast. School at which he had worked for more than 12 years.

In the end, Glenn was accused of having been "several times under the influence of alcohol" during the trip. Which did not allow him to be "in a proper condition to make decisions or act in a proper manner." For these reasons, he was banned indefinitely from working as a teacher, the least they could do about his bad attitudes. Only in April 2024 will she be able to process an application that could opt for the annulment of the ruling. "If she applies, a panel will be convened to examine whether the banning order should be overturned." In addition, he will have to correct his "addiction" in order to remain a teacher, officials explained.

If he fails to do so, he will be disqualified from teaching in schools indefinitely. He has to erase the image of being the Professor got DRUNK in front of his students



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