Prank on an Exam

Teacher Pranks on an Exam
You won't believe what came out in this exam...

Teacher surprised her students with an occurring prank on an exam. The pressure of the classes has always been a sensitive issue, many times students fail to learn under so much pressure and information. Faced with this "overwhelm", some teachers use a tool that goes hand in hand with learning, humor ... even in exams.

Despite being the most tense time for any student, one economics teacher has tried to lighten the mood and lower the intensity of the evaluation. She wrote a subtle joke in the text of an exercise statement to bring a smile to her students' faces and relax their nerves.

One of the first to notice, was a student. @Caroolgn A regular user of Twitter, when she saw the occurrence of her teacher did not hold the laughter and the surprise that it caused her. She herself in her account has shared the part of the exam in which the joke is appreciated: "My 60-year-old economics teacher has tried to be funny in the exam". comments the tweet. And judging by the interaction that has received his publication with more than 120,000 'likes'. Let's say that the teacher has achieved her goal, as subsequently highlights the same user another tweet.

The statement began with something like "Benito Camelas really likes to sing and dance flamenco". At first imagine reading that from a teacher who is already in his third age, crazy isn't it? For those who don't see the joke, if we distribute the syllables of the name 'Benito Camelas' differently and slightly change the spelling to give it a little sense, we get the phrase 'Come and play it for me'. One of the most common and ancient jokes in the Spanish language, one of those that sneak into the greetings that ask for radio, television and so on.

Of one thing we are sure, none of the students expected their elderly teacher to make jokes during such an important evaluation. However, she is not the only one, as the news went viral, many users came out responding with witticisms of their teachers, some of them extremely funny.

This is the perfect example that teaching doesn't have to be boring. With some motivation and ingenuity you can get attention from your students, plus get them more interested in learning than doing any kind of cheating. Remember that looking for alternative ways to pass an exam can also be the fault of bad teaching. Therefore, it never hurts to put a prank on an exam.

SOURCE: La Vanguardia


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