A Student "appears" in Online Class from CANCUN 🤣

On social networking site Twitter, a story of Student "appears" in Online Class from CANCUN has gone viral. Leaving teacher and classmates amazed.

A Student Appears in Online Class from CANCUN
"Teacher, we're in Cancun" was Katherine's surprising phrase

In Colombia, like everywhere else in the world, university students had to start a new semester in a pandemic, which brings with it the virtuality of classes and their alternation. The reason why many students must be careful with what they show and say. Since the camera and microphones can make them look bad in particular situations, even be a trend.

That was the case for a law school student in the land of the tricolor flag, who was attending her virtual class...from Cancun!!!

Over the last year, many videos of students during virtual classes have gone viral. Some have been caught sleeping, or saying some inappropriate phrases with the microphone on. Therefore, classmates have captured them, uploading these moments to social networks. During the last year, videos of students who, during virtual classes, have been seen sleeping or saying inappropriate phrases have gone viral on the internet. They have become increasingly common. However, what is happening now is almost a movie fact... A student turned on her camera and was in a swimsuit on a beach watching classes.

When in classes it is rarely mandatory to turn on the camera, but circumstantially it is often required. Such is traditionally the case when starting a course for the first time in the semester. The professors usually get to know their students a little more in-depth with a few questions such as what they expect from the course and what aspirations they have in the career. That was the situation that was going on in the law class. When it was Katherine's turn, the moment her professor asked her to turn on her camera, the surprise was quite unbelievable.

Katherine showed up wearing sunglasses, a swimsuit and a rather gorgeous background panorama. As she said that as she goes through the semesters in her career she hopes to "fall more and more in love with it". J

Just then, the professor in charge got curious and asked his student, "Hey, where are you, Katherine?". To which Katherine's answer was: "Professor, I'm in Cancun" adding that she was practicing something she loves; sport fishing, the reason why she was in that paradisiacal place. The teacher replied: "Katherine, but we are in class", who by the tone of voice, apparently took the situation with grace, a comment that was not heard by Katherine who continued to tell of her experience in Cancun.

Finally, the teacher jokingly commented to his student that he had "knocked her out of the ballpark" by entering a classroom in that situation and being so relaxed, a very common expression in Colombia where they indicate that it is an extraordinary or out of the ordinary situation. Katherine simply laughed and sent a message to her new teacher: "profe, may God bless you always, I'll be here still watching."

The video of Student "appears" in Online Class from CANCUN. It has gone so viral that it has over 30K plays on Twitter, garnering lots and lots of witty comments, both good and bad, but one thing to note the situation is unbelievable and clearly comical.


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