Student RECORDS TikTok of his LIFE at the FARM 🤠🐑

Andrés Soto the Student RECORDS TikTok of his LIFE at the FARM. A 21-year-old Peruvian youth, he has gone viral on TikTok.He says some people have laughed at him with ungraceful comments. However, the boy from Cusco left feeling more proud of his origins and what he was demonstrating. Andres has more than 300,000 followers on the short-video social network.

Student RECORDS TikTok of his LIFE in the FIELD
@andressoto88 has become a trend thanks to his videos on TikTok

A rather captivating story of a student recording his daily life in the countryside on TikTok has become a trend. We are talking about Andres Soto, a young man from Cusco, Peru, who has sparked excitement and attracted thousands of people through TikTok. Andres began by teaching his classmates about daily life in Vilcamarca. A country town in the province of Cusco, Peru, and ended up uploading his videos to the famous social network of short videos.

Andrés, who is a student in heavy machinery handling, has taken the initiative to share with his followers, how is daily life in the place where he lives. In addition to responding in very witty ways the doubts that are raised through the platform.

In the face of so many doubts that arise from seeing the rural area that he shows as his residence, he was asked how it was possible that he had internet in that place. The young man, keeping his characteristic empathy, answered in a very particular way, that is what has hooked people. But Andres not only shows his life in the countryside, but he also joins the platform trend of recreating dances by playing songs.

In the interview that RPP Noticias did to the young Peruvian, he tells how some people tried to humiliate him with very out-of-place comments. But that did not affect him at all, in fact, those comments were a necessary impulse for Andres to reinforce the pride he has in his origins.

Also, he tells how he has many dreams and some have adapted to this new trend of TikTok. The first of his dreams is to finish studying, be a singer and if he can, reach half a million followers on TikTok. You can find him on the platform as @AndresSoto88. It only takes a few seconds on his profile to see the reality of what we are talking about.

Finally, among all the questions that came up, we were able to realize that his most viral video is the one that shows how his house is made. The house was made with very particular materials such as straw and adobe, in addition to the fact that the electrical energy he has, he receives it through solar panels installed on top of his house.

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