Student SET UP a BARBERSHOP at school

Student SET UP a BARBERSHOP at school and he was suspended for breaking the rules, but it didn't all go wrong for him. A professional barber will help him fulfill his dreams and pursue the talent he has.

Student SET UP a BARBERSHOP at school

There are people who realize at a very young age that they have ingenuity and that they want to go into a certain profession. It is for that reason that it is essential for such young people to develop their skills and abilities from the time they are small so that they can become experts.

This is the situation of Cameron Tucker, a 16-year-old student who went viral on social media for being suspended from school for doing what he loves most: barbering. According to Fox Detroit 2, the young man was caught by an instructor in the bathroom of his school, the Renaissance High School in Detroit, USA, cutting the hair of his classmates to get a workout.

Cameron learned he liked barbering on vacation, once he started cutting his cousins' hair and making a little money by cutting his friends' hair. That happened at school once he went back to school, which has made him the barber for the kids in his class. However, as harmless as a haircut can be, his school authorities didn't like it at all. Student SET UP a BARBERSHOP at school.

Suspended and sponsored

According to Cameron, he has been caught by a teacher who saw him in the bathroom. "The teacher came in, looked at us for about 45 seconds, and came out," he said. Min then Cameron's mom got a call starting at the school. Cameron had transformed the bathroom into a barbershop, including a line waiting for him. They mentioned to his mom to come to pick him up and that he was suspended from school.

The news has been so viral on social media that the teenage barber has been contacted by Sebastian Jackson, the manager of a well-known area barbershop who was amazed by Cameron's ingenuity. "He became good at his craft in no time," he commented. The two got to know each other and Jackson took the opportunity to invite him to his barbershop to teach him the various techniques and tricks of barber shopping.


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