The PERFECT EXAM QUESTION was the brainchild of Rebekah L. Rogers, a Twitter user who shared a special question an instructor asked her students on an exam and it went viral. A question we all wish we had during an exam.


"Is there anything you spent time studying on that wasn't asked in the exam? What is it and how does it work? Explain in detail," reads the curious questioning. For Rebekah and several other users who reacted to the post, this question ended up positive for them."

"It's a punishment for those who study just for the test. and it's a good thing! I've watched several students ask themselves over and over again 'is this going to be on the test?' That's not how life works: in life, EVERYTHING is on the test, especially what's not in the books," noted, exemplifying, @DiegoMaugeri, who, according to his profile, is a teacher.

Others, such as @J0hanaSarahi, even commented that in various situations they have had tests for which they studied a lot, yet they were not asked anything they were prepared for.

"This definitely happened to me at least a handful of times after frying my brain picking answers on multiple-choice, false or true, fill in the blank and what is and explain type questions. That and, in most cases, I don't rest as much as I should have," he said."

On the other hand, certain users, such as @cytotoxictce11, indicated that coping with such a question could send them into a panic.

"As someone whose academic triumph depended on a good memory and a predictable test composition rather than learning and training, I think this would have made me panic a little bit," he said."


But there were also those who rejected the questioning since they think it would be used to judge the student's personality.

The PERFECT EXAM QUESTION "I don't like . They're disguised personality tests. Away for outsiders to judge you in the functionality of their own bizarre biases. They are in a huge way unfair," argued @SarahGrynpas.

Positive or not, the situation is that the question that could mean an extra point for the students who had to answer it came as a surprise and may be the subject of study by teachers as they develop tests to evaluate their students.


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