Students arrested for TikTok challenges (DAMAGED THE SCHOOL😨)

Students arrested for TikTok challenges. An illegal viral challenge has damaged many schools and students have been arrested while recording these videos.

Students arrested for TikTok challenges

The challenges of TikTok have the potential to reach unsuspected parameters, and may even bring criminal consequences. This has happened to 3 students from Floridain the United States, who were detained by the police after joining a Devious Lick challenge.

This challenge, as extreme as it is illogical, is based on sneaking into schools to steal and remove furniture. U.S. students have joined the challenge, causing costly accidents and damage, and, of course, recording everything.

From breaking tables and chairs to removing sinks and breaking doors. The protagonists have gone to serious extremes, with some even filming themselves driving the student bus.

"The challenge is to steal any student materials from school and record yourself destroying them to earn likes. It sounds illogical, however teenagers are taking it to the extreme." Authorities explained to local media. "They are appearing to vandalize school toilets and stealing soap dispensers and even tearing up the grass on soccer fields." Students arrested for TikTok challenges.

After becoming popular in Florida, the Devious Lick has reached other U.S. states. To the point that parents and teachers have been alerted and stability has been increased in certain schools.

By the way, there are already 2 students who were even arrested for such acts of vandalism, 2 minors from Evans Middle School (Georgia), who recorded themselves ripping a gel dispenser out of the bathroom and clogging the toilet with it.


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