STUDENTS copying with a TIPP-EX

STUDENTS cheating with a TIPP-EX. A teacher has become a trend after sharing how his students cheat on an exam, with unparalleled creativity surprised everyone on social networks.

The talent of the laziest students at the time of learning to have a lifeline in analysis never ceases to amaze teachers or individuals outside of the education sector.

The successful 'cheat sheet' are almost as old as the studies. We're talking about test subject notes hidden from the instructor, yet simple for the student to access and refer to throughout the test.

Hiding the 'chops' in the student materials belongs to the more traditional resources. However, even for hiding notes, there is room for talent. This is how a teacher named Javi demonstrated it on Twitter.

In a tweet posted this Saturday, the teacher showed a simple bottle of concealer or Tipp-ex, however, it had a secret inside: perfectly camouflaged in its label were the exam notes.

STUDENTS copying with a TIPP-EX

"My students are artists," the teacher wrote on Twitter with photos of the device, which he was undoubtedly able to commandeer in full examination and photograph, admiring the perfection of the deception.

The tweet, which in just over 24 hours had well over 1,600 retweets and well over 28,000 'likes', also generated a huge number of responses, amid which abounded other models of 'chop' with varying levels of sophistication.


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