Professor TEACHES MATH with a VIDEO GAME and goes viral for the peculiarity of the experiment that actually DOES WORK.

A few days ago reached our own computers and Xbox consoles the new Forza Horizon 5. The fun Microsoft game and Playground Games that allows us to enjoy an outstanding arcade driving title that in this situation allows us to explore different parts of Mexico.

Beyond having a great time, Forza Horizon 5 has a variety of other uses. Whether it's to show us part of the town of Guanajuato to give us "lessons" in art and tourism or, for example, to offer math classes in a high school.

And it is that already a few hours ago has become viral the photo shared on Reddit by Rj_TBNR. A high school student in which you can see his classmates looking at a touch screen in which an image of Forza Horizon 5 emerges. That is being used by his instructor to teach calculus in a rather special way. Using each of the shifters that are affecting the driving of the car to impart lessons in a fun way to his students.


The story about the Professor who TEACHES MATH with a VIDEO GAME

Incidentally, the image has even reached the hands of Xbox who have responded via Reddit. Assuring that they would approve this kind of math while in the meantime other users began to reply to the thread. They made jokes or posed different mathematical drawbacks that have the possibility to develop with the "help" of the new Forza. Professor TEACHES MATHEMATICS with a VIDEO GAME.

Of course, Forza Horizon 5 is designated to be one of the games of this 2021 both for its outstanding initiative. As we told you in our review as well as for its fame. Because just 3 days after its launch, the title managed to get well over 6 million players to step on the accelerator of the new Microsoft's driving game.


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