Teacher announces EXAM NOTES SINGING

Teacher announces EXAM NOTES SINGING. This teacher, once again, goes viral on TikTok for the way he delivers the grades to his students, dedicating a song of his own.

Teacher announces EXAM NOTES SINGING

One teacher made the decision to, instead of scolding his students for failing, give them a cumbia on TikTok to motivate them to learn and bounce back despite the bad result.

Client @profejuanji has changed the lyrics of the cumbia 'Tus jefes no me quieren' by conjunto Ensamble. For fun music so that the students "don't get bored" and get on with learning.

https://www.tiktok.com/@profejuanji/video/7006401027217919238? sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6953653110020900357&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0

The teacher announces to the teenagers that they just failed and that they are going to have to visit extraordinary exams. Plus he wants them not to be scolded by their moms. The teacher announces EXAM NOTES SINGING.

Professor announces EXAM NOTES SINGING-with-cumbia

Availing himself to laugh a little at what happens once the population is distracted enough with social networks and video games. He reminisces: "You failed, you see, why don't you turn in your homework? However, I used to see you online in Fortnite."

The video clip got millions of attitudes fast and the sympathy and motivation of several students who now not only yearn to give him good news with the extra but want to be teachers like him.

It is true that every teacher has his or her own technique, and although several share the goal of motivating students and not overly worrying or punishing them, not all are applauded, as in the situation of a teacher who gave an A to the whole class and has taken so much criticism that he even started a displacement to protect his position.


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