Student Graduates DRESSED IN GARBAGE BAGS. The viral story of a boy who wore a bag on the day of his graduation ceremony and the story of why it ended up trending.

At graduation at the University of Gloucestershire in England, a student attracted the attention of all his classmates by wearing a black garbage bag. The fact so permeated the school society that evidence of it was published on social networks, which did not take long to go viral, without knowing that there was a reason worth listening to.

It all starts once it is established that the rental of the robes could be 246 pounds sterling (330 dollars), a cost well above the case of this boy, who had no choice but to not proceed with this payment. Nevertheless, his intention to attend the graduation would remain intact and so he did.

To keep up with his other classmates, William Radford took the decision to wear a few garbage bags on top of himself. In this way simulating the black color of the robes of the other attendees to the festivity. His idea was not frowned upon as his co-workers and teachers applauded him tirelessly once it was his turn to pick up his diploma. Student graduates DRESSED IN GARBAGE BAGS.

William Radford and the origin story of Student graduated DRESSED IN GARBAGE BAGS

Speaking to The Sun, the 23-year-old English teenager delivered more great details of how he devised a way to go dressed for his graduation without the need to rent the costly robes. "It was quite expensive and I think it's been a pity that, finally of all things, I couldn't put on a cape and gown," he said."

Unluckily, Radford is not financially well off and that was the real reason why he opted for that reason. He was even quick to point out that he only has a small amount of money to make ends meet.

"I've been unemployed for the last year since I left college. I've just moved into a new place and I've got my last £100 ($133) . I really couldn't afford it," she finished.


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