Teacher BREAKING STEREOTYPES at KINDER. A Kindergarten teacher seeks to break stereotypes by imparting particular knowledge.


From an early age, stereotypes have the potential to come to dictate the destiny of young children. "The things girls are into, the games for boys, the colors each gender should wear..."

It is for that reason that professor Danny seeks to bust all such myths via his TikTok channel with a sequence of clip videos. All have gone viral with well over 50 thousand views. In which he seeks to promote his students to be free and to do what makes them happy.


In them he explains that there are no things, clothes, colors, professions only for ladies or only for men. We all have the possibility to do them if in this way we want to.

The video clip Breaking stereotypes in the explanation: "From a young age they should be taught what it is to feel free to be/do whatever you want to do." Teacher BREAKING STEREOTYPES at KINDER.


"Let's see what girls have the ability to do, girls are afraid of everything, pirate costumes are just for boys. You may have heard this at home or on TV, but even if the grown-ups say it, it's a lie," the story begins."


PARTE 1 Desde que son pequeñxs hay que enseñarles lo que es sentirse libre de ser/hacer lo que quieras ¿Queréis la parte 2? #estereotipo #genero #educacion #libre #ser #igualdad

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Professor Dany explains that a girl could be anything she wants: 'Girls don't own anything forbidden. You decide what you want to be, you can be a dancer and prance around on the floor or follow the ball all day long like a player who is afraid of nothing. You can also wear pink or sparkle like the sun in sequined dresses. It doesn't matter if you wear a blue, black or gray T-shirt with a dinosaur or a titi monkey, everything is perfect for you'.

"Girls, too, have the option of wearing their hair short or have the option of using a long mane to wear in braids or a ponytail. You can play at being a pirate or additionally a princess," reads the instructor."

The boys

In the second part of the video clips, the teacher tells that in the situation of the boys. It's a lie that they never have the chance to cry or that they don't have to wear pink clothes.

"Boys get to play with a truck, fly a plane or you can like to play with dolls, take care of them like babies and feed them. You can be constantly happy or you can be sad and cry," says the instructor."

The boys responded with questions and doubts, and quickly understood that their choice is dependent on the happiness it brings them. And that someone should not be pigeonholed by their skin color, gender, image, tastes or preferences.

'I have a friend with short hair and she doesn't want to mention that it's a boy,' one of the girls mentioned.


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